The Avengers Are Taking Over Fortnite Now

The Avengers Are Taking Over Fortnite Now
Image: Fortnite

If you’re playing Fortnite, or someone in your family is, good/bad news: The Avengers are basically taking over Fortnite.

The launch trailer for the latest Fortnite season has just premiered online. Fortnite Season 4 will let you basically play as the Avengers, as part of a grander Marvel cross-over.

The setup is basically that Thor has invaded the Fortnite island to warn of Galactus’ impending arrival. But as it does for most people, landing in Fortnite causes Thor to lose his memory and possibly his sanity. So Thor gets into a tiff with other Marvel characters, before Galactus arrives and gives Thor a reminder of what’s going on.

What that means for actual gameplay? Well, that’s what we’ll all find out over the coming weeks and months. The trailer shows off plenty of old favourites — I can’t wait to see Storm show up outside the circle. Others include Doctor Doom, Storm, Thor, Groot, Iron Man and She-Hulk.

The Season 4 content is live in Fortnite now, if you’ve patched the game. It’s interesting watching this pan out, particularly after US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that Fortnite won’t be reinstated on iOS following Apple’s ban. Just imagine how pissed Fortnite players will be if Apple dumps the game good and proper just before someone unlocks Wolverine, Groot or Thor.


  • Interesting thought…
    Marvel has a licensing agreement with Epic Games, to use their Intellectual Property.
    How does Epics fight with Apple effect their partnership, when all the iOS users can not access the new contents, the new skins, and buy them all.

    Is Epic Games in breach of their agreement with Marvel?
    Or is Epic Games liable for lose of microtransaction income due to Marvel?

    • It would depend on the terms of their agreement and then on Marvel/Disney’s willingness to pursue it.

  • It is also a sad day for Mac Fortnite players thanks to the Epic/Apple dispute. The new season is unavailable for Mac users and cross-platform play has gone away too.

    And, no Team Rumble, my favourite game mode.

    RIP Fortnite. (for me, anyway.)

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