I Think I’m In Love With Art Of Rally

I Think I’m In Love With Art Of Rally
GIF: Art of Rally

Rally racing and synthwave weren’t two things I thought I needed in my life, but art of rally knows me better than myself.

Due out sometime this yearart of rally has a real simple premise. Take the beauty of top-down racing, give everything wonderfully stylised voxel environments, including crowds that look like matchsticks, and provide cars from the ’60s onwards to drive.

That’s it. It’s a basic pitch, but the whole thing looks so goddamn good. And what’s selling me on it is the synthwave in the background, which is now making me wish the soundtrack really played into that Initial D vibe.

The game is made by the same studio behind Absolute Drift, so if you were into that then this should work rather nicely for you. No word on whether you can actually run over the crowds if they get too close. There’s also a good discussion going on the Steam forums about support for things like disabling camera shake, field of view and other additions.

The game will have a full career mode with over 50 cars and 60 rally stages throughout Germany, Japan, Norway, Sardinia and Finland. You’ll be repairing cars between stages, as you’d expect for a rally game, and there’s planned daily and weekly challenges as well.

If you’re interested, you can follow progress over on the official Steam page. There’s a GOG listing too, if you’d rather buy a DRM-free version when it’s out.


  • Ah, it being made by the same people who made absolute drift explains a lot. Really looking forward to this however am really hoping that the full release will have a co-driver calling pacenotes to you as not having one was what i found the hardest thing with the demo during Steam’s game fest. They clearly love the sport and that intro gives all kinds of inital D vibes which is just great

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