Osher Gunsberg’s Twitch Channel Is Some Incredibly Wholesome Energy

osher gunsberg
Image: Twitch (OsherGunsberg)

Victorians have continued to find their own ways to battle the coronavirus restrictions. But it’s especially hard for those who enjoy being physically active. That’s particularly true if being ripped is part and parcel of your job, as it is for Australian Bachelor host and all-around legend, Osher Gunsberg.

So what is one to do? The answer’s simple: Start cycling on Twitch.

The Bachelor host and Australian celebrity has started his own Twitch channel over the weekend, playing the virtual cycling trainer Zwift. Gunsberg has only done a couple of streams so far, but Monday afternoon was the first proper debut of sorts, with his youngest brother — and some support from Twitch’s Australian staff — helping organise all the technical aspects of the stream.

So far, it’s already a massive success. After being featured on the front page for Australian Twitch viewers, Gunsberg racked up almost 900 concurrent viewers — and by the end of the stream, the Bachelor star was already being swamped with requests for people asking to help moderate his stream and Discord channel.

The whole stream was incredibly wholesome. Gunsberg said he’s followed Twitch for a while, with the platform having caught his attention when he was living in the United States. The Bachelor star is also plenty familiar with video games, but as he explained, games aren’t a great fit for his addictive personality.

Others used the chance to just ask Gunsberg about things he enjoys, or general life advice. When asked for any tips, Gunsberg suggested following what you love.

“Do the thing that you love to do, even if you don’t get paid for it,” Gunsberg explained. “Do it until you get so good at it, that by the time it comes around to getting paid for it, you’re undeniable, and you’re the only reasonable choice. That’s it — I started as a roadie, I started working in radio, and you’ve also gotta be prepared to be shit for a long time.”

Gunsberg even started talking about his curry and cooking, potentially opening up another avenue for the Bachelor star’s channel down the road.

Gunsberg’s only done two streams so far, and he’s got his own Discord server that has about 25 people at the time of writing. It’s a similar energy to his Better Than Yesterday podcast, which is more about climate change, mental health and dealing with the coronavirus lockdown. And while that’s not especially new for an Australian celebrity to talk about, it’s definitely new to see an Australian celebrity talking about it happily on the front page of Twitch.

For now, Twitch and Zwift is a good fit for Gunsberg. With the case numbers in Victoria on the slide, it might not be a regular feature for much longer. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt for Twitch to have more wholesome channels and vibes like Gunsberg’s Zwift stream. And it certainly tracks with Twitch’s future, with the livestreaming platform targeting regular entertainment and non-gaming content for future growth and profitability.

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