Sarah Elmaleh Is Fostering Collaboration Between Developers And Voice Actors

Sarah Elmaleh Is Fostering Collaboration Between Developers And Voice Actors

Video game characters are much more than the sum of their pixels. Behind the dialogue, grunts and cheers is a talented actor working hard to bring life to games’ tangible but distant worlds. Sometimes their names are front and centre, like David Hayter’s next to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. Other times you may go through an entire game without connecting the dots.

In this new series, “Behind The Voice,” we peel back the curtain and give you a look into the life and career of the actors who voice the characters you play. We talk to them about their work in the games industry, as well as look beyond their resumes to talk about what they’re passionate about. Because just like characters are more than the sum of their pixels, actors are more than their voices.

In our pilot episode we chat with Sarah Elmaleh, the voice behind Lizzie Carmine in Gears 5, Apollyon in Afterparty and Katie in Gone Home. Aside from her voice work, Sarah is an advocate and consultant in the games industry, working to promote healthy collaboration between actors and developers. She is the cofounder of the online, multilingual free games conference, and has acted as the recurring director and co-host of the IndieCade Awards.

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