Let’s See Life In Japan Over 100 Years Ago


It’s 2020. Perhaps you’ve been to Japan (or even live here), but if not, you can always see copious clips of what life is like in the country. But what about, say, over a hundred years ago?

There is footage, of course, but YouTube user Denis Shiryaev upscaled footage taken in Japan between 1913 to 1915. The FPS has been increased to 60 frames per second. The images have been enhanced to 4K, with damaged frames removed, the faces of people enhanced, and the footage has been colorized as well.

The ambient sound was previously added by Guy Jones, who also corrected the original footage’s speed. You can watch that clip below.


  • Well damn. That’s like a time machine, right there. His other videos are great, too. Most interesting is that in most of them, the people being filmed are just fixated on, fascinated by the camera.

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