Nintendo Delays Direct Due To Hokkaido Earthquake

Image: Kyodo/Reuters

In a week where Japan was already reeling from the impact of Typhoon Jebi, Hokkaido was also struck by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. In light of this, Nintendo has announced that they will delay Friday's planned Direct.

The Direct, which was scheduled to run for 35 minutes and showcase upcoming Switch and 3DS titles, will be held "in the near future".

The earthquake damaged the main power station on Hokkaido, which is home to around 5.3 million people. At least seven have been killed in the tragedy so far, with Reuters reporting that hundreds are injured and 33 missing at this stage.

NHK World Japan posted some footage of the wreckage on YouTube, illustration the destruction wrought to homes, roads, property, and the island.


    Fair enough. Best wishes to those in Hokkaido.

    So 7 people are killed hundreds are injured and 33 are missing?
    I understand I think it's a good idea to delay this week's Nintendo Direct due to the recent Hokkaido earthquake and the worst ever typhoon that's hit Japan in 25 years.
    Make sure you keep us updated Nintendo on when you'll be hosting the Nintendo Direct at a later date and at a later time.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to those victims affected by the deadly Hokkaido earthquake and the worst ever typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years.

    Quite possibly the most underrated island in the Japanese home islands. Hope everyone there is safe. Unusual spot for an earthquake, they usually hit more on Honshu.

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