There’s A Cyberpunk 2077 Version Of The OnePlus 8T Phone

There’s A Cyberpunk 2077 Version Of The OnePlus 8T Phone
Image: OnePlus (YouTube)

It’s only billed as a China-exclusive for now, but if you don’t mind importing phones, then you might want to think about this Cyberpunk 2077-themed OnePlus 8T.

The OnePlus 8T only hit the global market this month and, like most OnePlus phones, it’s pretty decent. OnePlus doesn’t have the photography chops of Huawei and Google’s well-priced mid-range phones, but they’re still excellent phones for anyone who wants a stock Android experience without actually buying a Pixel.

The phone is being released in early November, according to CD Projekt Red’s lead PR manager Radek Grabowski. “There’s a limited, CP2077 edition of the smartphone coming soon,” Grabowski said, including photos of the partnership’s reveal at the OnePlus 8T Chinese launch.

There’s no details on the differences between the Cyberpunk 2077 themed phone and the stock OnePlus 8T, although the video below has a shot of the phone appearing on a desk in Lizzie’s Bar. It’s not known whether the phone will actually feature within Cyberpunk 2077  or whether it was just for promotional purposes.

I’ve seen a fair few OnePlus phones in Australia, particularly among gamers and tech enthusiasts, so there’s still an appetite for importing phones that aren’t directly sold in Australia. OnePlus’s approach to Android minus the bloat has won plenty of fans, and when you throw Cyberpunk 2077 styling on top of that, it’s going to attract some attention.

That said, it makes me wonder why OnePlus are only offering this brand of the 8T in China. Manufacturing and distribution challenges in the coronavirus era is probably the realistic answer, but that hasn’t stopped enterprising fans who want something badly enough. Fair word of warning with any imports though: you lose out on local warranty if you go that route, so just keep that in mind.

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