Star Wars: Squadrons Is Getting Baby Yoda Bobbles And Not Much Else

Star Wars: Squadrons Is Getting Baby Yoda Bobbles And Not Much Else

True to EA Motive’s word, there doesn’t seem to be any big DLC on Star Wars: Squadrons’ horizon. Instead, the space fighter will be getting a handful of cosmetics later this week, including a Baby Yoda bobblehead.

The new dashboard décor was revealed in today’s Mando Monday livestream, a digital showcase full of interviews and commercials for new Star Wars toys ahead of the release of The Mandalorian’s second season next month. Alongside the Baby Yoda bobble, Star Wars: Squadrons will also get models of the Razor Crest, IG-11, and bounty puck to personalise players’ ship’s cabin. The trinkets can be earned in-game starting October 28.

New ships, maps, and modes these are not. The game’s creative director, Ian Frazier, warned as much in an interview earlier this month. “Never say never, so to speak, but as far as our philosophy goes we’re not trying to treat the game as a live service,” Frazier told UploadVR.

He went on:

We don’t want to say, ‘It’s almost done!’ and then dribble out more of it over time, which to be honest is how most games work these days. So we’ve tried to treat it in kind of an old-school approach saying, ‘You’ve paid the $US40 ($56), this is the game and it’s entirely self-contained. We’re not planning to add more content, this is the game, and we hope you understand the value proposition.’

While small cosmetics might be the extent of Squadrons’ current post-launch add-on ambitions, the game is still getting updated. In addition to fixing a number of known bugs with version 1.2, EA Motive is also currently looking for better ways to discourage players from leaving in the middle of matches. Even in a galaxy far, far away, rage quitters have no shame.


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