The Latest Patch For The Last of Us Remastered Reduced Loading Times By Over 70% On PS4

The Latest Patch For The Last of Us Remastered Reduced Loading Times By Over 70% On PS4
Image: Sony / Naughty Dog

The new consoles are only a few weeks away and both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will have much faster loading times. But you don’t need a new console to experience incredible loading speeds after an update for The Last of Us Remastered on PS4. Now the game only takes 14 seconds to load from a save. Before the update that took about two minutes.

First spotted by Last of Us speedrunner Anthony Calabrese, patch 1.11 for The Last of Remastered decreased loading times across nearly every part of the game. Loading the game from the main menu, from a save and more are all much, much faster.

How much faster? A LOT. YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits thankfully uploaded a video comparing the pre-patch and post-patch versions of Last of Us Remastered and the results are sort of hard to believe. For example, before the patch the very first loading screen, before you start even the game, took just over a minute and a half. Now, that same loading sequence takes less than 14 seconds.

What’s going on here? The patch notes for this update say nothing about improving loading times or speeds. So did Naughty Dog make a deal with the Devil to get these speeds on the old PS4? Or maybe they snuck into our homes and replaced our PS4 hard drives with SSDs? Probably not either of those.

Kotaku reached out to Naughty Dog about the new PS4 update.

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  • So… PS4 could load games faster but hasn’t? Before people jump down my throats, I know this isn’t 100% true (but it is for TLOU) but it does make you think, with more tweaking how much could load times have been reduced this generation. The whole thing is almost like a reverse apple mentality we’re seeing here (where Apple gimps older machines on purpose to justify you buying a new phone with minimal new features)

    All I’ve heard from day 1 adopters of next gen has been how fast games will load (to justify the $750 purchase) when people have challenged them with the ‘no games day 1’ ideology. Now it seems the PS4 could have done better in some games all along. Oh and for the record, I AM one of the day 1 adopters, so I am not having a go at those getting the new consoles..

    • Anything is possible with optimisation and emerging techniques/technology, especially with a game as old as this.
      It’s also not impossible for new games either with Ghosts of Tsushima deploying techniques that made loading so fast they intentionally stumped it just to show relevant tips, artwork and recaps.

      It has nothing to do with gimping the machine to make the next gen more appealing either, this is all happening at the development level where folks are getting better at using the hardware available.
      Any developer could revisit their games to improve loading times on any platform if they wished.

    • I realised afterwards what you meant by the reverse of gimping machines, my bad.

      It’s going to be interesting to see if developers use the next gen improvements along side better development techniques to allow greater improvements in their games or as a crutch to do the same old thing just slightly faster.

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