The Next Star Trek: Picard Novel Fills in More of Riker’s Post-Enterprise History

The Next Star Trek: Picard Novel Fills in More of Riker’s Post-Enterprise History
Contributor: Julie Muncy

Riker’s appearance as Jean-Luc’s faithful friend and former subordinate was a highlight of the first season of Picard. Dude just has great vibes. There’s a reason, after all, that he’s such a popular character, beyond his chronic inability to sit in chairs correctly. So it’s only fitting that the newest novel in the Star Trek book line will give us a bit more information about his life after The Next Generation.

As reported by Trek Movie, the next book in the Star Trek: Picard tie-in line has been announced by Simon and Schuster, and it’s called Star Trek: Picard — The Dark Veil. Written by James Swallow, the book will follow William Riker and Deanna Troi aboard the USS Titan, a year after Picard’s resignation from Starfleet. Here’s the synopsis:

The Alpha Quadrant is mired in crisis.

Within the United Federation of Planets, a terrorist strike on the shipyards of Mars has led to the shutdown of all relief efforts for millions of Romulans facing certain doom from an impending super­nova.

But when the USS Titan is drawn into a catastrophic incident on the Romulan-Federation border, Captain William Riker, his family, and his crew find themselves caught between the shocking secrets of an enigmatic alien species and the deadly agenda of a ruthless Tal Shiar operative.

Forced into a wary alliance with a Romulan starship commander, Riker and the Titan crew must uncover the truth to stop a dev­astating attack — but one wrong move could plunge the entire sector into open conflict!

That sounds intriguing! More fully fleshing out the messy politics of this era of Trek is only a good thing, as is a further exploration of Riker and Troi’s life in the wake of losing their greatest ally and friend in Starfleet to the vineyard. And, as Trek Movie notes, Swallow has written about the USS Titan before — albeit a now non-canon version. Swallow has, in fact, written a lot of Trek books — by my count this will be his tenth. He’s also written tie-in books for Doctor Who, Stargate, and, uh, 24.

Star Trek: Picard — The Dark Veil will be out on January 5th, 2021. You can pre-order it now.