Luck-Based PS5 Demon’s Souls Glitch Lets You One-Shot Every Boss

Luck-Based PS5 Demon’s Souls Glitch Lets You One-Shot Every Boss
Feelin' lucky, Allant? (Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku)

Demon’s Souls players have found a new glitch in the PlayStation 5 remake that allows them to deal incredible damage, enough to one-shot every enemy and boss in the game. Funnily enough, it doesn’t revolve around any of the more common damage-dealing stats, like Strength or Dexterity, but rather Luck.

In the video below, Souls content creator ymfah walks through all the steps you’ll need to follow to avail yourself of this glitch. This involves a modest amount of planning, from obtaining the materials necessary for crafting the Luck-based weapon known as the Blueblood Sword to raising Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Faith to at least 18 in order to effectively wield it.

As soon as you have a Gold Coin — a consumable new to the remake that might require some farming — all you have to do is use the item and speak with the Maiden in Black while its temporary Luck-boosting effects are active. On the level-up screen you’ll see your Luck stat start to fly through the roof.

Luck is mostly used in Demon’s Souls for increasing item drop rates, but the Blueblood Sword is special in that it’s the only weapon in the game whose damage scales with Luck. While it was considered one of the better weapons in the PlayStation 3 original, the Blueblood Sword required a lot of stat investment, so its benefits were mostly felt in subsequent playthroughs. With this new Gold Coin glitch, however, players can raise their Luck stat to impossible amounts in the blink of an eye.

Even before the PlayStation 5 remake, Demon’s Souls was notorious for bugs — like the now-defunct duplication glitch — that could remove a lot of the challenge from the game. Bluepoint Games promised to remove a lot of these glitches, and to the studio’s credit, it did. But in introducing a new item, perhaps as a way to alleviate grinding for rare materials, the prolific remake developer has unintentionally provided players with a new way to break the game.

Bluepoint will inevitably fix this in a future patch, but until then, keep a sharp eye out for invaders wielding the Blueblood Sword. Odds are they’re gonna hit like a truck.


  • Depending on how invasion works in the remake its unlikely you will get invaded by someone who has used the glitch. If I remember correctly the invasion matching was always 10 levels +/- 10%, the 10 and 10 rule.

    When you use this glitch in the video it makes the characters soul level 999, so you would have to have a soul level of 880+ to get invaded. Not many people are going to have a soul level that high unless they have also used the glitch, so fair game.

    You may want to look out for people who are having fun with the scrapping spear because you can get that and invade people who are level 20, not that I am advocating or encouraging such behaviour.

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