Persona 5 Strikers Comes West On February 23, With A Surprise PC Port

Persona 5 Strikers Comes West On February 23, With A Surprise PC Port
Screenshot: Atlus

According to an unlisted video on Atlus’ YouTube channel, since pulled, the Dynasty Warriors-style sequel to Persona 5 is finally coming to North America and Europe on February 23, including a release on Steam for PC, along with PS4 and Switch. That’ll wake you up, get you up, and get you out there.

Released in Japan in February of this year as Persona 5 Scramble, Strikers is a musou game in which players guide the heroes of the original RPG through hordes of disposable enemies. The game is set six months after the events of Persona 5, with the cast reunited in Tokyo to spend the summer together before all hell breaks loose again.

The release date news comes in the form of an unlisted trailer discovered last night on Atlus’ YouTube channel. It’s been pulled now, but the video is still out there, ruining some poor PR person’s day. Oh, here’s a copy now.


  • Welcome to the Velvet room! Yes finally ATLUS and Koei Tecmo Games are bringing Persona 5 Strikers to console in both North America and Europe next year I am so ready to become a phantom thief and it’s coming out on February 23 next year on both PS4 Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC.
    Holy shit! Put me down on the list ATLUS I’m so ready for Persona 5 Strikers on Nintendo Switch next year.
    Because for all you poor souls out there hoping for Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch this is for you.
    You didn’t see it coming you’ll see that my money is too fast for eyes. You’re done in. By the time it’s hit you, your last surprise.
    This place exists between dream and reality mind and matter.

  • The Persona games are some my favorite places to be in and spend time.
    I could make a short list of “Game Worlds” that my agoraphobic mind likes to spend time in, but Persona (particularly 4 Golden) might almost be number one.

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