Trump Pardons War Crimes, Illegal Steam Spending

Trump Pardons War Crimes, Illegal Steam Spending
Sorry. (Photo: Saul Loeb, Getty Images)

The White House announced a new round of presidential pardons yesterday, granting clemency to several controversial figures. Among them were the perpetrators of the Nisour Square massacre and Duncan Hunter, a former California congressman who was indicted for illegally using campaign funds to purchase, among other items, video games on Steam.

Hunter, who was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2009, resigned late last year after pleading guilty to charges of misusing campaign funds in excess of $US150,000 ($197,925) on luxury items like overseas vacations and plane tickets for his family’s pet rabbits. That figure also included $US1,528.68 ($2,017) spent on Steam, though which games were bought remains a mystery. Hunter was set to serve up to 11 months in prison before being pardoned.

While obviously a lifelong dork, Hunter didn’t make waves on the national stage until fellow toddler Donald Trump was elected to the U.S. presidency. The congressman notably vaped during a 2016 Transportation Committee hearing on banning e-cigarette usage on planes, but mostly spent his career in Congress pushing the same conspiratorial bullshit you’d expect from a right-wing loser like him.

Trump also extended pardons to a group of Blackwater mercenaries who, in 2014, were found guilty in the 2007 killing of 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square, including nine-year-old Ali Kinani. Blackwater, a private military contractor that has since been renamed twice, was founded in 2004 by Erik Prince, brother of U.S. secretary of education Betsy DeVos. The company is no longer allowed to operate in Iraq.

As if we needed another example of how the worst people in the world are all too often protected by those in power.



    • at this point the australian site should completely separate from the american one and hire a few more staff. the reposts from america seem to always be absolute rubbish that only serve to bring the quality of the site down.

    • Actually, it seems to be a place for people to get super angry and aggressive with writers trying to do a good job in an already tough industry.

      Also, Kotaku has never been solely for video games, and I appreciate the occasional article about “The Real World” tm

      • The website head states: “Kotaku AU | See Games Differently”

        The only link this has to do with anything “Otaku” is the word “Steam”. That’s it. Then used the article to take a swipe at a very divisive figure. Have a look at all the other articles listed under the “In Real Life” tab.

        Hell, there’s a piece about China’s Macca’s with some stupid new burger. If this was America, it would then somehow delve into school shootings, or white supremacy and then blame Trump. But there’s not even a slight mention on the ongoing human rights crisis facing certain groups there.

        But hey, it had the word “Steam” in it

    • Nah fuck it, I’ve been on the fence in a lot of cases about this clown, but now? With what he’s done, the world can have at him wherever and however they want. Pardoning the people he has? Go for it, anyone.

    • I dunno. These kinds of articles always seems to offer an opportunity for you to release a bit of simmering rage and pent up anger at the universe, so you must see some value in that.

      • Well to be fair the title and its existence in a gaming/entertainment blog side does scream clickbait to attract that kind of reaction =P

        It’s a good trick though.. almost got me to respond as well. But honestly it’s 24th. I’d rather not have any more negative stuff ruin the rest of a terrible year on what’s supposed to be a positive day and I’ve been trying to get riled up myself.

        Oh and because this needs to be said as people will jump to conclusions no I’m not a fan of Trump myself his constant shenanigans through his whole presidency teetered between bemusing to flat our irresponsible. Though I somewhat see him as a product of how toxic American politics has become since obstructionism became the keyword in politics

    • Clearly this site offends your Alt-Reich sensibilities, why don’t you head back to Twitter and scream about how yucky women are ruining video games?

      What, you’re already doing that anyway?

      Well, there’s no pleasing some people.

      In other news, watching a ‘ImAbItOfALefTYmYSelf’ Labor member get incensed about criticism of Trump really is kind of foul. I mean why don’t you just dig up Bob Hawke and take a whizz on him while you’re at it?

      • The best part about you commenting, Burnout, is that you continually show that you have more hatred and more disdain for fellow people, than anyone you target with your screeching.

        A shining example

        • Wow you weren’t kidding. He really does have it out for you.
          I guess he can’t comprehend the idea of someone he disagrees with voting the same way as him.

          • That’s partly my fault lol. I intentionally tried to trigger him enough he would always reply with his long-winded essays.

            He found my twitter through my discord profile and carries on like I’m the second coming on Adolf Hitler.

            I don’t take him seriously at all, I find him incredibly entertaining. I think he thinks his long-winded rants and false representations of my Twitter will cause me to flip out or something. But every single reply of his brings me great joy.

          • i think he also thinks im pro trump or something because I mock US liberals. I don’t actually like either of them. If I was American id vote for neither of them.

            One is an idiot who sucks up to Israel too much with a VP who is a Christian nutjob, The other is a senile rapist (allegedly) who doesn’t know where he is or what he is saying half the time with a running mate who loves to incarcerate blacks and put trans folk in prisons that don’t align with their identity.

          • Terrifying to think he’s lurking in that discord under a pseudonym, trying to use information out of the site to attack people within the site.

            Terrifying, but par for the course.

          • Had to reply to djbear this way:

            He actually tracked down your discord and personal twitter account?

            Dude, that’s fucking sociopathic???

          • Not really. I’m on the Kotaku AU discord and my Twitter is linked in my profile

            I assume he is under a pseudonym because he is that much of a coward.

    • Ultimately what you’re saying here is that you’re okay with people committing war crimes, and people who illegally use tax payer money for personal benefit.

      This article is fine. You’re the bad joke. And you’re not even funny.

      • Your comment is a joke lol.

        I disagree with this article being on here, therefore I am for war crimes? Are you dense?

        • What is with this website and their “if you dont agree with X, it means Y” constant portrayal of any opinion.
          Y = Any kind of name they wanna pick out of a hat.

  • I can’t wait for Jan or Feb or whenever when Harris finally becomes President and we never have to hear about Trump ever again.

  • Waiting for Trump to pardon entire family for any future crimes they intend to commit. Putin did it… seems to be the trend, push for corruption until it breaks the camels back, then keep pushing…

  • The perverse thing with the Duncan Hunter pardon is that it leaves his soon to be ex-wife with a conviction, and currently in home detention. She was indicted as a co-conspirator, but plead guilty and gave evidence on behalf of the prosecution against him.

  • That photo you’ve used of Trump looks like he’s trying to have a shit. Like the stuff that comes out of his mouth when he talks.

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