Vin Diesel Is Fighting Dinosaurs In Ark 2

Vin Diesel Is Fighting Dinosaurs In Ark 2
Screenshot: Studio Wildcard

Ark 2 starring Vin Diesel was announced today during The Game Awards, developed by Studio Wildcard. No release date was given. The studio also announced a new animated series with a surprisingly star-studded cast, including Kurt Russel, Elliot Page, David Tennant, and many more.

In a trailer we see Vin Diesel running away from a big dinosaur and not much else.

Also announced today during the show was a new Ark: The Animated Series, coming in 2022. According to Studio Wildcard, the series will “explore Helena’s story” whatever that means.

Take a look at that voice cast though. Studio Wildcard must either be spending a lot of money on this or has somehow tricked a lot of actors into thinking this Ark series is something more than an animated show based on a survival game. Or both!


    • I’m not quite in the thousands of hours category, but I’ve enjoyed some time with Ark for sure… That said, the engine NEEDS to be better this time around.

      Ark’s current engine is a fucking mess, there is just no good reason for it to function as poorly as it does in varying cases.

      Other games run incredibly well with detailed environments, building, etc. Conan Exiles is probably the closest example I can think of that actually doesn’t run like shit while also often looking like shit for no reason.

        • Oh indeed. It’s kinda funny it took mods to make building tolerable. I refused to play on any server that didn’t have S+ building mods. Those made building achievable, allowing you to build on un-level ground and clipping through small rocks which otherwise would’ve stopped you etc.

  • I wonder if it’ll be a literal Ark 2 (that is to say, same gameplay and such) or what.
    I know you can’t base ANYTHING off of a cinematic trailer, but I’m getting real Horizon: Zero Dawn vibes. Like maybe it’ll be less free range survival and more open world quest/exploration stuff.

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