How To Actually Access The New Dead Cells DLC

How To Actually Access The New Dead Cells DLC

Dead Cells recently got a lot bigger. This week’s Fatal Falls expansion adds a crop of weapons and enemies to the game, plus two new biomes. Trouble is, actually accessing those two zones — the Fractured Shrines and the Undying Shores — eludes simple explanation. Classic Dead Cells, right? Here’s how to find them.

Fractured Shrines

This one’s easy to reach. After you beat the first boss — I tend to follow the route that sees me face off against the Concierge, on Black Bridge — you should see a lift in the following antechamber. Take it to the top. Easy enough.

Undying Shores

You shall not... Eh, this joke is overdone. (Screenshot: Motion Twin / Kotaku)
You shall not… Eh, this joke is overdone. (Screenshot: Motion Twin / Kotaku)

When you reach the end of the Fractured Shrines biome, you’ll come across a door to the Undying Shores. Unless you’d explored every pixel of the Fractured Shrines, it’ll be locked, with no explicit direction on how to unlock it.

Note the two statues on each side of the door — specifically, how they’re wearing hooded robes. You’re looking for a corpse bearing that outfit. It’ll be tucked away against a sarcophagus in some dusty corner of the stage’s procedurally generated layout.

This is the dead fella you're lookin for (Screenshot: Motion Twin / Kotaku)
This is the dead fella you’re lookin for (Screenshot: Motion Twin / Kotaku)

Once you find the corpse, you’ll need to use the Homunculus Rune (right thumbstick, at least on Switch) to detach your “head” from your body and possess this corpse. From there, just make your way through the rest of the level as normal. (Don’t worry, you’ll retain your equipment.) The statues guarding the door should pull an opposite-Gandalf and let you pass. You’ll also unlock the blueprint for the Cultist’s Outfit, which, bonus, costs just one cell to unlock.

(There’s one potential hiccup: Since you only get the Homunculus Rune after you successfully finish your first run, it’s unclear whether or not players who haven’t done so will be able to access the Undying Shores. Kotaku has reached out to developer Motion Twin for clarification.)

You only have to do this once; the door to Undying Shores will remain open on your future runs. There’s apparently a boss at the end of the stage, an alternative to the Time Keeper, who shows up in the Clock Room stage. I’m pretty rusty at Dead Cells so, for the time being, I have no clue what this new foe is like or how the hell you beat it. Good luck!

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