Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Is Basically Final Fantasy 7 Remake On A Phone

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Is Basically Final Fantasy 7 Remake On A Phone
Image: Square Enix
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Sure, Final Fantasy 7 getting PS5 upgrades and a new chapter is great! But Square is also bringing the entirety of the Final Fantasy 7 experience — the original Final Fantasy 7 — to mobiles.

It’s called Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, and it’s a “chapter-structured” single player game with “the whole FF7 timeline — including the events of the original game”.

Like … this is Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the phone. Straight up. The battle system has been redesigned to accommodate a mobile environment, but the fighting style is modelled off Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And what’s super cool is that it’s not just a mobile retelling of the original/remade Final Fantasy 7, but it’ll include content from all of the companion Final Fantasy 7 titles as well: Crisis Core, Advent Children (!!!!), Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7.

What a thing to just tweet out after a major publisher reveal. Anyway, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will come to both iOS and Android, but you won’t see it until 2022.

It’s also not the only Final Fantasy mobile project that was announced. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier was revealed after Sony’s State of Play, and it’s set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy 7.

I don’t know who was asking for a Final Fantasy 7 battle royale, but that’s exactly what we’ve got. It’s set in all the iconic locations you know from the game, with what appears to be support for 3 players in a team.

Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier will launch on iOS and Android later this year.


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