Guilty Gear Strive Already Has An Infinite

Guilty Gear Strive Already Has An Infinite
Watch out, she's a killer. (Screenshot: Arc System Works)

A beta version of the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive is currently being explored by the fighting game community and, surprise surprise, someone has already discovered an infinite combo.

The wildly normal Giovanna is a newcomer to the Guilty Gear universe, but she and her ghostly wolf are making their presence known with a simple loop that can keep opponents locked in a combo ad nauseum. While it doesn’t look like much and quickly loses its damage potential, players can definitely use this to game the clock for a time-out win.

Uri, a well-known combo video creator in the fighting game community, says the timing on this infinite is pretty strict. They were only able to get this far after hours of practice.

Guilty Gear Strive is still in beta testing ahead of its official release on April 9. Fighting games are definitely at their best when silly bullshit like this exists, but I’ll be surprised if this infinite makes it into the final game. Still, it’s something fun that players can mess around with for the time being.


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