In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare Bounces Bootylicious Butt Shots

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare Bounces Bootylicious Butt Shots

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the team at BioWare is working on updating graphics and textures and showing a little more love to the first game’s Female Shepard model, to bring her image in line with the rest of the trilogy. The team is also tweaking some camera angles to make things a little less…awkward. In an interview with Metro, character and environment director Kevin Meek explains the details.

“Specifically around the animations, we couldn’t really change a lot of those, but there were times where you could change the camera to not focus on one of those animations. So a male Shepherd animation would have him sitting with his legs quite wide open with a low camera where, if you were wearing a skirt, it would be a bit unflattering.”

Remember that skintight N7 dress FemShep could wear and how when she sat down, her defaut wide-legged sitting pose would no doubt shame her grandma? Yeah.

“So we can’t necessarily change that animation,” Meek continues. “but you can raise that camera up slightly to reduce the problem.”

But FemShep’s apparent failure at charm school isn’t the only animation getting a reshoot. There’s a moment in Mass Effect 2 in which Commander Shepard and Cerberus operative Miranda Lawson are discussing the latter’s past and, seemingly out of nowhere, the camera angle changes to focus on Miranda’s *ahem* rear assets. Here’s a video to refresh your memory.

When Mass Effect 2 was released in 2010, Miranda’s arse became one of the predominant memes, resulting in the game being renamed Arse Effect by fans. In a 2010 interview with Kotaku, Casey Hudson, who was the project lead on Mass Effect 2 at that time, tried to deflect the gratuit-assness of the moment by stating the game had the same kind of shots of Miranda’s Cerberus partner Jacob, but writer Tracey John seemed sceptical.

“Jacob’s outfit might be tight, but there are no lingering shots of his behind, and he’s not sexualised by the camera angles.” John wrote.

Fast forward to today, the team at BioWare seems to understand that kind of cheesy sexualisation would be extremely dated in 2021.

“I do think a lot of things have evolved since [the original games],” says project director Mac Walters in Metro. “But I don’t know if I would say we were ultra-concerned about it or anything like that, but there were considerations. Kevin [Meek] actually called out some camera cuts that were just…why was that focusing on Miranda’s butt? So in some cases we said, ‘OK, we can make a change there.’’’

In this instance, change is good, but we’ll have to wait until May 14th to see what that change looks like. In the meantime, if you still want to see Miranda’s dump-truck of an arse as originally presented, you’re going to have to boot up your old copy of Mass Effect 2.


  • I know someone’s going to leap down my throat for this, but – good.

    Those shots were always an embarrassment, and often tonally so out of whack with the narrative that they were really distracting. Even leaving aside personal taste they were a bad fit for almost every scene they appeared in.

  • Well thats one lost sale here my dudes.

    OR i can forgive it, if you take away that feature of teammates crouching when you aim at them. Mirandas constant crouching when aimed at certainly ruined 16 year old me’s attempts to get a nice look at her assets.

    Overall this is seeming like not much of an upgrade if you already play on PC and then they are changing/removing things that people might actually prefer (i do mean more important things than this too).
    Really gonna be a balance of pros and cons towards the classic and remaster from what im seeing.

    • Pretty fair point, I guess it would also depend on whether you own the DLC or not too. Since unless you snag them on sale, Origin charges $35.99 and $39.99 AUD for ME2 and ME3’s DLC Bundles respectively.

      I could see the Legendary Edition being a somehwat decent deal just for the DLC alone imo, even more so if sites like Green Man Gaming offer discounts on the Legendary Edition.

    • Indeed. Updating graphics and textures and showing a little more love to the first game’s Female Shepard model, to bring her image in line with the rest of the trilogy sounds worthwhile. Or were you hoping that they’d fix something else?

  • So removing stuff was bad 2 weeks ago when it was about a same-sex romance option being removed because of faux news.

    But suddenly now its okay and the wokies are openly gloating about it.

    Consistency is something this area lacks.

    • Generally speaking I don’t think consistency on any topic exists, or should exist, in the way you suggest it might or should. No ‘side’ of an argument is always going to consist of the same people – like there’ll be TERFs and trans people marching in the same pro choice march because some ideals are or can be shared even among groups that despise eachother. Any given sides of an argument aren’t monoliths that encompass all people in the same ways, nor the same people in every circumstance.

      In this case there are very different reasons behind the motivations to include or exclude content – on one side a fear of conservative media undermined original intentions of the team – i.e. Jack was supposed to be pansexual but that aspect of her creation was altered for the sake of fear of backlash. On the other side some devs and animators were horny I guess? I mean to include blatantly sexualised shots is one thing – they’re hilarious and fun in the romance scenes of course – but to include them during a quest about familial abuse that specifically involves a father that exerted control over every aspect of Miranda’s body he could before she was even born? That’s tone deaf at best, and just not at all the same thing as Jack being made straight.

      • Yes. All of this.

        I’m just glad the weird thirstiness is gone. If you want to see hot butts, there are plenty around. I don’t need my RPGs going FOCUS GROUPS SAID OUR PLAYER BASE IS 13 YEAR OLD STRAIGHT BOYS SO HERE IS A BUTT at me.

  • Maybe they should make an alt sexy ME cut which adds to the sexyness game wide.
    Crotch shots of Garrus, barrel shots of Legion etc

    Add some orgies, I mean have we ever had a space orgy in video games yet?

    People were facing the end of the world and still acting like a bunch of prunes what utter nonsense

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