Now This Is A Very Nice Xbox

Now This Is A Very Nice Xbox

The Xbox Series S looks very nice in white, but I think it looks even nicer in this bright, bold and decidedly floral paint scheme by 14 year-old Dutch artist Pepijn van der Flier.

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With Microsoft’s smaller next-gen console finally official, there’s not much to do between now and its release but talk about how excellent the machine’s one defining visual feature is. And I’m not talking about its diminutive size.

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Done with spraypaint and Posca pens over multiple layers, then finished with a matte varnish, it’s exactly the kind of thing I want to see on custom consoles going forwards through this console generation. Switching endlessly between white, black and silver paint schemes is fine if you view these things as pieces of consumer electronics, but this idea, that an Xbox can also just be “something on a shelf” the same way a print or ornament or some random thing you buy at IKEA can be, is great as well.

You can see more of van der Flier’s stuff at their Instagram page.


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