eBay Has Some Stupid Good Tech Bargains Today

eBay Has Some Stupid Good Tech Bargains Today
Image: Gizmodo
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If you’ve been hustling around for some bargains on gaming monitors, those crazy-good M1 Macbook laptops, or some quality noise cancelling headphones, then today is a very good day.

The deals are flying around eBay as part of the ongoing Afterpay Day sale, or they’re at least timed to coincide with that. Regardless of the specifics, there’s a lot of very good tech available for solid prices right now, and we’ll start with one of Kotaku Australia’s favourites.

sony xm4
Image: Sony

Let’s start by getting into the headphones. We’ve talked tons about how good proper noise cancelling headphones are — they’re even good for gaming and you can get an extra-nice effect by pairing them with the 3D audio on the PS5.

But outside of that, noise cancelling headphones are just great to have. The Sony WH-1000XM4 are the best cans in market right now, and while I’d still advocate for the older XM3’s depending on price, eBay currently has the XM4’s for $364 after using the PMAR3 checkout code. That’s about what the XM3’s would cost you right now anyway, so why not get the newer model?

Next cab off the rank is the Apple gear. The M1 Macbooks, no joke, are some seriously impressive shit. I’m still waiting to see what their rumoured 12-core product ends up being for their Macbook Pro refresh, but as it stands the baseline fanless Macbook Airs are very, very good indeed.

You can get the baseline Macbook Air — that’s the 13″ model with 8GB/256GB and the 8 cores/7 core GPU setup — for $1299 here, provided you use the PAPDY20 checkout code and Afterpay to checkout. The deal is the cheapest you’ll get in Australia right now for an M1 anything; the next closest for a baseline Macbook Air is almost $1500 from Umart. (Hell, some of the older Intel-powered Macbook Airs are on “discount” for the same price as what’s above.)

The discounts are available on the 13″ MacBook Pro M1 version too, bringing the laptop down from $1999 to $1699. Again, you’ll have to select Afterpay at checkout for the code to work. But $300 is nothing to sneeze at.

ryzen 3900x
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

AMD chips are going for a song today. If you didn’t have a chance to grab the very good AMD Ryzen 5800X, it’s available for $575.20. Again, PAPDY20 and Afterpay have to be selected for this to work. But given the 5800X is retailing for at least $699 at most PC stores, and usually $729 at the major Australian outlets, this is a crazy good deal. The difference in price could literally cover the cost of your RAM or a new SSD, so it’s worth grabbing.

Speaking of SSDs, why not boost your storage with a super-quick Samsung 980 PRO NVMe drive? You can grab the 1TB model for $228 using the Afterpay code and checkout, saving you about $40 to $50 on most Australian outlets. The slightly slower Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe drives are available too.

Image: Alienware

Gaming monitors are going for a song today too. Above is the 25″ Alienware AW2521HFL 240Hz G-SYNC screen, which normally retails for $449. It’s available through eBay now for only $349, again with the PAPDY20 checkout code.

If 1080p isn’t enough resolution for you though, the Dell S2721DGF 1440p/165Hz (or 144Hz over HDMI) 27″ screen is going for a song. The Afterpay discount brings the monitor down to $399, which is the best deal you can get on a good 1440p/144Hz or higher screen in Australia today. Go jump on that here. You can also grab a bigger 32″ Dell 4K screen, although at 60Hz it’s more of a production screen than a gaming one. Still, it’s a good deal at $389.

Lastly, there’s a metric ton of Razer gear available for 20 per cent off.

See any other bargains we should shout out? Let us know in the comments!

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