PS2 Emulation Gets Even Nicer With Custom Textures

PS2 Emulation Gets Even Nicer With Custom Textures
On the left, the original road texture, while on the right is a fresh one swapped in by a modder. (Screenshot: YouTube)

PCSX2 has long been a fantastic PS2 emulator, but a recent advance has made it all the more appealing for anyone playing on a PC: the ability to swap textures in games.

While the famous Dolphin emulator for the GameCube has long supported this feature, PCSX2 has only just brought it in, and it’ll allow modders to improve any kind of texture they want in an old PS2 game. In the example video below by someother1ne, we can see everything from the road in Gran Turismo to the helmets and jerseys in NFL2K5 get swapped out.

Note these are just some textures that the video’s creator threw in there, and you can expect more professional efforts to come as more modders tackle the project down the line.

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