The Division 2 Will Get A New Mode Later This Year, But Not Much Else

The Division 2 Will Get A New Mode Later This Year, But Not Much Else
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Massive

Good news for Division 2 players: Ubisoft and Massive have laid out plans for the future of the game, including a brand new mode later this year. Bad news: Don’t expect anything new for a while.

In a blog post titled “The Road Ahead,” the developers behind the online looter-shooter, Massive Entertainment, explained that The Division 2 had a successful 2020 and laid out the first plans of what the future looks like. The big news is that a new mode is coming. Massive describes it as “entirely new to the franchise.” This would seem to imply it’s not just survival mode from Division 1, something fans have wanted in Division 2 for years.

This new mode won’t be added to the game until at the earliest “late 2021.” And it sounds like that could easily slip as game developers continue to struggle with the global pandemic. Covid-19 already led to a recent Resident Evil crossover event being severely downsized in scope and scale.

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Massive also announced that future seasons of The Division 2 this year will just be reruns of the last seasons. So “Season 5″ will just be Season 1 all over again. For players who have jumped into the game after some of these seasons have passed, it’s a nice way to give them a chance to play that content again. But for folks who’ve been playing since Warlords of NYC or before, it’s a disappointing bit of news. Though some new apparel events will happen this year, which is something. 

Massive will continue to be involved in developing The Division 2, however the company also explained that Ubisoft Bucharest will assist in creating content for the online shooter. This makes sense as Massive is also working on an Avatar game and Star Wars game.

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Last month, Ubisoft and Massive confirmed that The Division 2 would continue to receive new updates and content past Season 4. Before that news, fans had wondered if the game was going to wind down as Season 4’s narrative wraps up plotlines and character arcs that started back in the first game. Even the name of Season 4, “End of Watch,” sounded very final.

So yeah, it seems The Division 2 will keep on keeping on, but I doubt many players will stick around to replay old seasons while waiting for something new.

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