V-Commandos, One Of My Favourite Board Games, Is Getting A Fancy Upgrade

V-Commandos, One Of My Favourite Board Games, Is Getting A Fancy Upgrade
Image: V-Comandos

I’ve written multiple times about V-Commandos on the site, a tactical WW2 stealth game made by some Ubisoft guys that is very good. About the only bummer with the game was that it used fairly basic cardboard tokens instead of plastic miniatures, but hey, they’re now fixing that and then some.

V-Commandos Deluxe is the name given to a Kickstarter campaign that’s actually rolling a few different things together at once. First there’s a new expansion, based on the exploits of Canadian hero Léo Major, but more importantly for a returning player like myself there are also a range of upgrades to the original game, from new artwork and character designs to new mission tiles (the game takes place on a modular board) to, most importantly, detailed plastic miniatures for not just every Allied character but the army of Gemans you have to face as well.

All that stuff is available on the Kickstarter at varying levels of pledge, some for people who just want the new stuff, and higher levels for anyone wanting to get everything (including the base game) all at once.

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  • It’s a real shame the game is just so damn hard to get a hold off.
    The kickstarter prices are off the chain for a board game, even with the nice miniatures.

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