Genshin Impact Fans Are Boycotting The Game Amid Racism Allegations

Genshin Impact Fans Are Boycotting The Game Amid Racism Allegations

The hashtag #boycottgenshin is currently trending all over Twitter as gamers have begun discussing potentially problematic aspects of the hit game Genshin Impact.

Since its mid-pandemic release in September 2020, Genshin Impact has amassed a huge following on mobile, PC and PS4, with many fans comparing its style to that of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Within its first month alone, the free-to-play game earned more than $US245 million in revenue via in-game microtransactions.

But now it appears some players are ready to boycott the game altogether as allegations of racism, inappropriate relationships with perceived minors and the encouragement of gambling have surfaced.

In less than 24 hours, the hashtag #boycottgenshin amassed more than 65,000 tweets. So what exactly are the claims?

The allegations of racism and colourism are the main qualms that players have with the game, with some users asserting that the game’s Hilichurls (described as “primitive humanoid monsters” that are “incapable of communication”) are allegedly based on Indigenous people.

Now-viral footage of a studio tour video from October 2020 appears to depict an animator working on the infamous Hilichurls’ dance. But if you look closely, you can see what looks like footage of an Indigenous community dancing in the background.

The footage quickly amassed more than 700,000 views on Twitter, prompting more claims of racism and colourism from developers.

Following the viral footage, many fans called out the lack of in-game diversity.

Genshin Impact features 30 different playable characters, however, only two of these characters — Xinyan and Kaeya — have darker complexions.

Additionally, fans have pointed out that Xinyan’s skin tone changes dramatically throughout the game.

And to make matters worse, the pair are described as “exotic” and “scary” in the game’s lore, which has led fans to make further accusations of racial microaggressions.

However, fans of the game have defended these descriptions, asserting that Xinyan is described as “scary” because of her “resting bitch face” and punk aesthetic.

In addition to the racism claims, gamers have alleged that the relationship between Ulfr and Flora depicts an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

It’s worth noting that the game doesn’t specify how old Flora is in any part of the lore, but she does appear to be a minor. However, fans have been quick to point out that she was an adult in the beta version of the game.

Following the backlash, thousands of fans have flocked to the hashtag to defend the game and, unsurprisingly, hijack the hashtag to share their horniness.


  • I came in here thinking people were boycotting because of the way China treats Muslims and the whole Taiwan and Hong Kong situations. Imagine my surprise when no one cares about actual oppression, they just get their knickers in a twist when a fantasy monster is loosely based on primitive cultures.

    I’m sure China will care what a couple weebs with anime profile pictures say on the internet.

  • Animators using people dancing as reference material isn’t racism.

    Claiming that the perceived intelligence of an imaginary character was based on that of an indigenous person, is racism.

    Holding foreign developers to your own de facto standards of cultural sensitivity is itself culturally insensitive.

    Hope this helps.

    • They don’t actually care, They just want to perform “woke”

      This isn’t about helping Native Americans, If it was they would actually do something substantive to help them like donate to a charity. Instead, they want to perform to inflate their egos. This is entirely about them.

      They are vain, shallow children.

  • 65000 tweets sounds like a big number but a non-insignificant percentage of that is going to be the same people using the hashtag more than once, and then another large percentage of that is gonna be people arguing with those people.

    Twitter is stupid anyway. They recently tried to cancel a streamer for having consensual sex with adults (it backfired tremendously).

    • The funniest thing i saw was one account proclaiming they had known about this supposed “racism” for a long time but only decided to say anything once it was trending on Twitter.

      Proving how little they care about racism and care very much about internet clout.

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