Epic Games Store Adds New Apps Including, Um, Another Game Store

Epic Games Store Adds New Apps Including, Um, Another Game Store
Image: Epic Games / Itch.io / Kotaku

Epic announced today that a slate of new non-gaming apps are now available on the Epic Games Store. The most interesting new app added is the indie games storefront Itch.io, potentially giving the thousands of smaller games on their store a huge new audience of EGS users.

The Itch.io store being added to EGS is odd, but it could be a huge boon for indie devs who often struggle to get their games in front of bigger audiences. While Itch.io has already had a separate, downloadable desktop app before, it will now be available through a storefront that has over 160 million users as of January 2021. If even a small fraction of them download the Itch.io app, that could mean millions of new users for Itch.io and its devs. However, you will still need a separate Itch.io account to buy and play games. But it’s worth it considering all the great and totally free games that are on the service.

Five other non-gaming apps were added to the Epic Games Store today.

Brave – A free, open-source web browser which allows folks to send “Basic Attention Tokens” to websites via cryptocurrency blockchains, which sounds horrible.

KenShape – A simple but cool piece of software that lets you turn simple 2D-pixel art drawings into blocky 3D models that can then be exported into various game engines.

Krita – This painting and drawing app has been around for a while now and is already popular. Now it’s on the Epic Games Store.

iHeartRadio – A podcast and internet radio service that lets people listen to hundreds of radio stations from around the country or a huge list of podcasts.

This isn’t the first time Epic has added non-gaming content to its store. Back in December 2020, Epic added Spotify to its popular storefront, a sign that the Fortnite dev was looking to expand the store beyond games. Today’s news confirms that Epic has more plans to build up the Epic Games Store.


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