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Fire up your Start menu or Dock and think carefully for a moment: Out of all your ageing desktop apps, how many do you really rely on these days -- or even better, how many of them don't already have very capable web app alternatives you could use instead? Unless you're a film editor or a graphic designer, it's probably time to let those old-fashioned, clunky desktop apps go.


Just about every gamer I know uses Spotify in some form or another. And while we're not about to get something really cool -- like Audiosurf built into Spotify or something -- this is still pretty handy news.


This isn't video games but it's something I've been thinking about. Mainly because I've been having this argument about Apple Music. My argument: Apple has missed the boat. I'm already a Spotify subscriber and I don't see myself shifting. But maybe I'm the exception. Maybe I'm an early adopter? How are you listening to music these days?


Sony Australia has just announced that Spotify, a premier music streaming service with over 15 million paying subscribers, is now an exclusive partner with Sony, meaning that Spotify will integrate with a new service called 'PlayStation Music', replacing the current Music Unlimited service.