I Need This Vehicle-Building Destruction Game Right Now

I Need This Vehicle-Building Destruction Game Right Now
I need all of this, thanks. (Gif: Radiangames)

Launching into early access on Steam later this year, Instruments of Destruction is a physics-based vehicle-building destruction sandbox from the lead tech designer of Red Faction: Guerrilla. It’s advanced knocking things down from a guy who really knows knocking things down.

We’ve been following the work of Radiangames’ founder Luke Schneider for ages here at Kotaku, starting back when he used to make cool little shooters for the Xbox Live Indie Games program on the 360. After years of making some of the coolest mobile games going, Schneider returns to PC and destruction physics with a game about building cool vehicles and using them to wreck stuff. I’ve only seen the announcement trailer so far, but I’m already in love.

More than just a sandbox, Instruments of Destruction will feature a single-player campaign that introduces players to the parts and pieces they’ll use to build wrecking machines, a hardcore mode that unlocks upon completing campaign levels, a sandbox mode, of course, and more to come down the line.

I eagerly await the catharsis this devastation game will bring.


    • Blast Corps was exceptional and this looks immensely satisfying, perhaps without the constant pressure of trying to drift that horrible dump truck through a whole railyard before the nuke rolls up.

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