Oh Hey It’s Yet Another Persona 5 Spin-Off

Oh Hey It’s Yet Another Persona 5 Spin-Off
Image: Code Name: X

Persona games and spin-offs, name a more iconic duo.

Chinese giant Perfect World announced earlier today a new mobile game Code Name: X, which with its soundtrack and art style and pretty much everything suggested it was a Persona 5 game, without actually coming out and saying it.

Which was weird, and led some initial viewers to think it was simply a rip-off, but Perfect World, perhaps aware of this, did later confirm with Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad that, yeah, it’s a Persona 5 game.

As of now, it’s only coming to China.

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  • I don’t care how they write it in catalogs, if they keep using that art, I’m calling it Codexnames.

    • Which is completely fair given gamings track records with Namco x Capcom, Cross x Edge and various other cross over games.

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