There’s A Perfume For People Who Want To Smell Like Street Fighter

There’s A Perfume For People Who Want To Smell Like Street Fighter
Image: Davidoff

On all the things I had on my 2021 bingo card, Street Fighter’s Ryu firing a hadouken into a marketable scent was definitely not on the list.

The Cool Water perfume, sold as separate men’s and women’s fragrances, is a tie-in for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which launched in February last year. Bit weird to do merch tie-ins 14 months after release, but hey, COVID knocked a lot of things back.

It looks like a spin-off of Davidoff’s existing Cool Water scent, which has been selling since 1988, the year after Street Fighter first launched.

street fighter
Image: Davidoff

The official promos on Facebook try to hype up the product a little more, although I’m not sure anything screams high quality quite as much as the stock radial wipe transition from Premiere Pro.

This isn’t the first time Capcom has officially dabbled with perfume crossovers. Back in 2018 the company worked with Everlast Fragrances — a spin-off of the boxing glove company — to release two limited edition perfumes, based on Ryu and Chun-Li. It was pitched as a “fragrance for the winners” for the series’ 30th anniversary, and the whole promo was … look, just watch the video for yourself.

The Davidoff limited edition scent isn’t being sold directly in Australia, with no local retailers having a listing at the time of writing and international retailers not having any pre-orders online either.

Still, it makes me wonder what other franchises could dabble with official scents. Capcom’s obviously already thinking about it, so what about an official scent for Lady Dimitrescu? What would cologne would Mario turn to? What would Waluigi smell like? And how would Bowser freshen up before a big night?

On second thought, let’s not think about any of those things.


  • So the smell of sweat, blood, burning with a slight chemical after smell from the high energy discharges.

    Sorry, there is no way a superhuman fighter will end up smelling like roses after a near death battle.

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