China Building Full-Sized Titanic Replica As Tourist Attraction

China Building Full-Sized Titanic Replica As Tourist Attraction
Screenshot: SCMP/[email protected]

At the end of this year, a theme park in Suining, China is slated to finish a full-sized version of the Titanic.

Around $US155 ($199) million has been spent on the replica, which is being built in a landlocked province. So no worries about it getting out to see and meeting a grim fate!

Xu Junnian, the project manager, told SCMP, “We’ve finished the construction of the main deck, with only two-and-a-half floors on top of the deck unfinished.”

“Visitors will feel the luxury and the grandeur of Titanic,” added investor Shu Shaojun. The project will also recreate the surrounding wharf. While this might seem somewhat macabre, as visitors get to experience luxury before a terrible disaster, the attraction also promises to tell “touching stories” during the tour.

As SCMP points out, the attraction is being criticised online in China, as it’s seen as an attempt to cash in on a deadly accident.

Earlier this month, a one-to-one scale Gundam went up in China. That certainly seems like a happier replica to visit!


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