Lady Dimitrescu’s Actor & Model Cosplaying As Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu’s Actor & Model Cosplaying As Lady Dimitrescu

Look I know we’ve already seen some incredible Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, but I figured it was worth seeing some more today given the fact the ladies in the dress here are the actors Capcom used to bring the character to life.

Is this even cosplay? I don’t know, maybe not! Maybe this is just work. But it’s not like they wear this stuff to the office or the shoot every day, so it’s close enough that I’m still going to post it under our cosplay umbrella anyway.

First up is Spanish actor Helena Mankowska, whose likeness you’re seeing every time you play Resident Evil Village since she was the basis for the character’s facial model (photos by Luis Padilla & caros_eye, make-up by Anna Bundet)

And second is Maggie Robertson, the performance capture artist who actually voiced and acted out all of Lady Dimitrescu’s scenes.

We’ve seen this before on stuff like Mass Effect and Overwatch, and every time it happens, it’s just the best.


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