LittleBigPlanet Servers Closed After Hackers Post Hateful Messages

LittleBigPlanet Servers Closed After Hackers Post Hateful Messages
Image: Kotaku

For a while now, PS3 platformer LittleBigPlanet has been under attack, its servers repeatedly the target for people with nothing better to do than annoy whatever fanbase is left for a game that was first released in 2008.

The game’s servers have been struggling since March, when it was assumed that DDOS attacks were the cause for repeated shutdowns and closures. They were closed again on the weekend, though, when hackers gained access to the game’s community features to post transphobic messages.

It has been over two months since users first started reporting downtime and issues with LittleBigPlanet’s servers, which Sony has only briefly addressed from a technical perspective, without providing an explanation as to why the attacks are taking place or what can be done to salvage the community for a game that despite its age still has its fair share of fans.

Fans speaking to Eurogamer, however, place the blame for the initial DDOS attacks at least at the feet of a rogue fan, who they suspect is “unhappy with Sony’s treatment of the franchise”.

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