Made In Abyss Game Gets Slapped With Adults-Only Rating In Japan

Made In Abyss Game Gets Slapped With Adults-Only Rating In Japan
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Surprised? If you’ve seen the Made In Abyss anime, you might not be. The video game adaptation has just been given a CERO-Z. That’s Japan’s adults-only, 18-years-old-and-up rating.

While the screenshots look fairly cute, the original anime does have its share of blood and gore — a stark contrast indeed.

Fans have been pointing out that, in comparison, Dark Souls has a slightly softer CERO-D (ages 17-and-up) rating, while Grand Theft Auto V, Resident Evil Village, and Ghost of Tsushima all have the max CERO-Z ratings. (GTAV has the mature rating for violence and sexual situations, while the last two were given it for violence.)

The official site for the Made in Abyss game even has an age-gate! Which is required for the rating, but leads to rather innocuous images like this.

Image: Spike ChunsoftImage: Spike Chunsoft
Image: Spike ChunsoftImage: Spike Chunsoft
Photo: Spike ChunsoftPhoto: Spike Chunsoft

I guess Spike Chunsoft is playing the more gory bits close to its chest?

Made in Abyss will be released in Japan next year on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. 


  • Hmm, seems a bit extreme.
    MA (or so) equivalent seems reasonable, but R+ is going a bit far.

    Its got some stuff in it (the nude punishment of the kids) that would make a lot of westerners weirded out, but even so that flies a bit easier there and isnt much worse than stuff hollywood makes at times, so seems an odd thing to suddenly make a deal of if thats the reason.

    The worst part would i suppose be where the girl is bleeding from her eyes and then has to have her arm mangled/amputated. Perhaps they decided to make that an interactive section of the game, lol. I could see that being extreme to people.

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