Officially Branded Resident Evil Booze

Officially Branded Resident Evil Booze
Image: Capcom

Herbal spirit Cocalero is collaborating with Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness to help promote the upcoming Netflix show.

The name “Cocalero” refers to coca leaf growers, and this herbal spirit is a blend of 17 botanicals, including guarana, ginseng, juniper, and non-psychoactive coca. As Paste Magazine points out, this Incan spirited spirit is actually made in Ireland. The drink has a following in Japan, hence this Resident Evil branded release. 

With all the video game branded sake of late, it’s interesting to see something different. For Resident Evil, green booze probably makes more sense!

As 4Gamer reports, the limited edition Cocalero Biohazard (aka Resident Evil) Infinite Darkness bottling will go on sale this July. 

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