Optus’ New Internet Plan Will Reduce Lag While Gaming Online

Optus’ New Internet Plan Will Reduce Lag While Gaming Online
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As part of a recent push to appeal to online gamers, Optus is launching a brand new internet plan that may just save your next round of Overwatch. 

The Optus Internet Gamer plan is designed to reduce congestion on your home network by improving Wi-Fi coverage and prioritising gaming traffic over other network sources. If you live in a building with other people, it may not be the best fit (and may just annoy a sibling or two), but for everyone currently living in a house of gamers, it could be your free pass to victory.

You might remember Optus recently launched its Game Path system to help PC gamers connect to the right game servers and experience lag-free gaming. This new plan is an extension of that service, with gamers on all consoles (including mobile and tablets) now able to strengthen their server connection and reduce jitter while playing online.

“Our new Optus Internet Gamer nbn plan packs a punch with features to optimise the experience including unlimited data, a fast 100Mbps typical busy period download speed (7pm – 11pm) , a dedicated WiFi6 gaming router that prioritises gaming traffic and a 6-month trial of Game Path to reduce lag and jitter,” Clive Dickens, VP of TV and Content at Optus said in a press release provided to Kotaku Australia.

While your average internet user may not get much benefit from the traffic prioritisation features of the new Internet Gamer plan, it certainly may pique the interest of anyone currently suffering from lag. Australia doesn’t typically have dedicated servers for gaming online — although Final Fantasy XIV is about to introduce local servers — so this could be the answer to your online gaming nightmares.

The Optus Internet Gamer Plan launches today and will set you back $89 a month for the first six months (and $99 per month afterwards). Here’s the rundown of everything you need to know:

  • Unlimited data
  • Fast nbn 100/20 100 Mbps typical busy period download speed (7-11pm)
  • Includes ASUS DSL-AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Modem
  • Includes six months of Optus Game Path

To find out more about the plan and whether it’ll improve your personal performance while gaming online, head to the Optus Internet Gamer Plan hub.


  • My current nbn FTTC plan is with Optus, never again. The speeds slow down until you complain about them, and they go back to what you’re paying for. Then they’ll slow down again. Rinse and repeat. I’m over it.

    • Seems to be a common theme with NBN in general.

      I’ve lived where I am for well over a year now, and every few weeks I’ll start getting multiple disconnects a day… And it only stops when I push it to my ISP, and in turn force them to push it to NBN.

      After which the disconnects stop for another few weeks, then start up again. And everytime an NBN tech gets sent out, provided they don’t repeatedly cancel the appointments that get set up, they ask the same fuckin’ “So how are YOU actually to blame for this?” type questions.

      The fact NBN recently gave massive bonuses to some of their employees for all the good work is an absolute fucking joke.

      It took over a year for me to finally get an NBN tech to admit they’ve been having the same issues with multiple properties in the area, and only because I found out this was the case first through my real estate agent.

      • I should add I’ve been with multiple ISPs, nearly half a dozen different modems/routers, had the phone line on the property completely replaced, and the issue remains. And as I said had an NBN tech tell me to my face it’s not just my property, so it’s absolutely NBN all the way.

        • Oof… kinda anecdotal but I lucked out and am on a proper fttp area and aside from occsssional downtime because of maintenance on the lines/network I dont get any downtime at all.

  • Good thing the NBN uses all these contractors that have a decent history of fibre installation.

    Got lucky with my new place, TPG has been rock solid with the NBN speeds. The modem that comes with their plan is pretty rubbish when it comes to wifi coverage though.

  • I’m next door to my local node connection and get my full advertised speed with few interruptions (rain withstanding). For as much of a dump as this area is, I’m now reluctant to move because of the decent internet.

  • Cough… Net Neutrality…..cough

    All the things they are claiming that will improve your ping in a household you can easily do yourself for free. Most routers these days have those features built in that can achieve the things Optus is claiming.

    Don’t fall for these falsehoods.

  • 100/20? you must be joking.
    You are gonna have major upload throttling on that 20 bottleneck.
    I can almost guarantee this won’t reduce lag at all, just a bunch of BS marketing and making you pay extra when you could be getting 100/40 for the same price or less.

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