Optus Game Path Is Continuing The Custom Internet Revolution

Optus Game Path Is Continuing The Custom Internet Revolution

The custom internet revolution is changing the way we game online with new options for bandwidth and internet use. Optus is the latest company to throw their hat into the ring, launching a new Optus Game Path service designed to reduce lag in online gaming and streamline network processes for better results. Like Telstra’s Game Optimiser service, Game Path is changing the way people use their internet and providing a solid boost for network performance, but there’s a few key differences here, as well.

If you’re an avid online gamer it’s set to answer your all your gaming woes — but you will need to fork out extra for the privilege.

Unlike Telstra’s Game Optimiser service, which focuses on streamlining bandwidth in home networks, Game Path aims to reduce lag by analysing the best paths to online servers and selecting the quickest route for your internet. The aim here is to create a smoother and faster connection for online games with Game Path claiming it can reduce lag “on average by 30%”.

“Game Path will add another dimension to our Optus NBN service offering for serious gamers by addressing lag and going a long way to reduce it where it occurs – outside of the home on the open internet,” Clive Dickens, VP, TV, Content & Product Development at Optus said in a press release provided to Kotaku Australia.

The service is largely for online PC gamers, but any Optus nbn customers can make use of it. The first month trial is free to everyone, but you will need to pay $10 extra per month of use afterwards (in addition to your internet bill).

Optus Game Path will only be available on Windows 10 at launch, with no current plans for the service to be available on other operating systems like Linux or Mac.

The service launches October 12 and you can keep track of updates on the Optus Game Path hub.

Update 15:12 p.m. AEST: The launch date for the Game Path service has been pushed back by a week. This article has been updated with the new date.

To find out more about Optus Game Path, check out the video below:

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