Telstra’s New ‘Game Optimiser’ Service Aims To Tailor Your Online Gaming Experience

Telstra’s New ‘Game Optimiser’ Service Aims To Tailor Your Online Gaming Experience

Telstra has announced a new tool for gamers which aims to improve the home internet experience. Telstra’s Game Optimiser is an add-on service letting you manually connect to your chosen gaming server, priotise device bandwith and monitor data use across your network. Primarily, it’s designed to improve online gaming and combat local network congestion.

Game Optimiser is set for beta testing from September 22 to November 9, so you’ll be able to try it for yourself shortly. If you’re keen to join the beta, you’ll need to be an eligible Telstra NBN fixed broadband customer with a smart modem. It’s free to trial and you’ll get the first month free but after the conclusion of the beta test, the service will go live for an additional $10 every month.

Game Optimiser is based on DumaOS, the network management system popularised in NETGEAR routers. The core focuses for the service are:

  • combatting network congestion by prioritising gaming traffic over other devices
  • reducing jittering and lagging by opening up bandwidth allocation
  • improving multiplayer performance by connecting to the closest and best servers with minimal latency
  • breaking down the live home network usage across all programs and devices

“Telstra’s Game Optimiser is not only about improving the networking experience in-home, it’s about giving players greater peace of mind and control over their gaming in-home traffic, where the online gaming servers they connect to are located, and removing technical barriers to help customers perform at the top of your game,” said Nathan Gumley, Telstra Principal for Gaming, in a press release provided to Kotaku Australia.

If you’re constantly fighting for bandwidth in your household this could be a great solution for improving your data allocation — but with great power comes great responsibility. Game Optimiser certainly has the potential to wreak havoc on your home network should this power fall into the wrong hands. Should you sign up, use it wisely.

If you’re an eligible customer and interested in joining the open beta test, head to Telstra’s Game Optimiser hub to find out more. The open beta will conclude on November 9, with the service being available for all eligible Telstra nbn customers on November 10. While it’s a fairly specialised service, it could be the perfect remedy for your Overwatch-related woes.

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