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Good intentions do not a usable browser make. And despite Microsoft's many, many efforts over the years to give Edge a degree of relevance in the browser market, things haven't worked out. And according to a new report, Microsoft looks like they are finally casting an eye towards the future.

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The Surface Laptop 2’s billboard new feature isn’t a feature at all. It’s a colorway: You can now get the device in a severe matte black that manages to be deeply opaque whilst still being totally striking and beautiful. But that the device’s leading point of interest is a colorway should raise some red flags that maybe there’s not all that much to be excited about. And in a way, maybe there never was.

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If you've been using a PC for as long as me then you'd recall how it was possible to use the command line to send the output of a command to another device. In order for that to work, DOS (the operating system that was the foundation for many versions of Windows) had a bunch of reserved words that couldn't be used as file names.

And for four decades, those reserved names have persisted and can be a pain in the butt for anyone trying to move files around that are named according to those reserved words that no-one uses any more.

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It's a little later than expected, due to a last minute bug that needed fixing, but Microsoft has finally launched the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. The title is dry, but the updates are good, especially if you're coming from Google's Chrome OS or Apple's macOS. In those cases you might notice some, uh, familiar features. It's almost like Microsoft picked through some of the coolest features its competitors have and finally put them into Windows.


Sea of Thieves was opened up to the world with a Final Beta over the weekend, ahead of its full release next week.

When I first played Sea of Thieves, I was apprehensive. It didn't grab me at all. But, after taking on voyage after voyage - alone or with friends and strangers - I’ve now spent so many hours sailing on the sea that, when I close my eyes, I can still hear the water crashing.

This is how I fell in love with Sea of Thieves.


It's been a busy week for the Microsoft Store. With the Sea of Thieves closed beta and the subsequent beta for the Age of Empires remaster, gamers have been rediscovering Microsoft's answer to Steam.

But to put it kindly: if the Microsoft Store is the answer, I don't want to know what the question is.


The command line (or Terminal for you Mac fans) is a throwback to a simpler age of computing, before mouse pointers and application windows and desktop wallpaper. Back when it was just you and a window full of text. Operating systems have long since evolved beyond the humble command line interface, but there's still no better tool for quickly disseminating complex information in your operating system -- and you can actually do some other pretty cool stuff with them, too.


Coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the third instalment of Zen Studios' pinball platform will focus on community run tournaments and multiplayer match-ups. Today the studio announced which console and PC platforms can play together, as well as which Pinball FX 2 tables players can import into Pinball FX 3.

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The end of an era is looming. With the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, that's expected to go into broad release in a few weeks, Microsoft has listed a bunch of programs that are either being removed or deprecated. Paint will be deprecated, with development ceasing on a piece of software that's been a part of Windows since 1985.


Every now and again, the topic of cross-play between consoles and PC comes up. And just about every time, the same argument gets rolled out: it's a nice idea, but console players will get stomped, so it's not worth doing. Still, that's not stopping Gears of War 4 from merging PC and Xbox One players in their competitive modes.


And in a week where the world is grappling with the consequences of just how vulnerable computers are is this joyous nugget of news: more Australians are using Windows XP than Windows 8.1, even though support for the former was officially canned years ago.