$43,000 Could Win You This BTS Chicken McNugget Shaped Like An Among Us Crewmate

$43,000 Could Win You This BTS Chicken McNugget Shaped Like An Among Us Crewmate

Today, in a weird confluence of internet mega-fandoms: There is a chicken nugget from the McDonald’s BTS meal shaped like an Among Us crewmate up for bid on Ebay for more than $US34,000 ($43,608) whole-arse American dollars.

That’s it. That’s all I got in the face of this overwhelming evidence that the human race are simultaneously the most beautiful and the silliest creatures on this planet.

If you want the nugget for yourself, expect to put up at least $US34,443.43 as you bid against 28 others also vying for the piece of extruded chicken meat that is, somewhat disturbingly, listed as “Used.” Then again, you’d likely get it cheaper as most of the bids probably aren’t real. Shout out to the person who withdrew their bid for $US69,420.00 ($89,038). Not sure what’s up with that oddly specific bid amount though. I wonder if it’s an ARMY thing or some Among Us meme? I guess we’ll never know.


  • The maccas BTS meal confuses me. There’s nothing explaining what the fuck a BTS is, and when I looked it up, it appears the most likely use is the k-pop boyband.

    But weirdly the maccas signage has literally nothing that indicates what it is, no images of the band or mentions of music or band members.

    Did they get limited povo sponsorship rights where they can’t even show anything that might be BTS official, or did the lawyers decide they can get in on BTS popularity without paying anything provided they stick to the line of ‘inspired by’?

    • Apparently it’s meant to be BTS’s favourite maccas meal, and it comes with two Korean McDonalds sauces and some sort of shaker fries. I believe it comes with merchandise in other countries, just not Australia for some reason. So it’s basically just a regular meal with two limited edition sauces.

      • The nuggets come in a purple box with the BTS logo all over it and the Korean word “borahae” on the back (it’s a combo of the word bora which is purple in Korean and saranghae which means I love you, so “I purple you” in layman’s terms, it was a made up word coined by one of the band members to describe their love for their fanbase using the official band colour). There was no merch in other countries, just different variations of the nuggets box and a paper food bag with the BTS logo all over it (merch was exclusive to the Weverse online store)

    • Just don’t look up their songs. It’s low quality trash with so much distortion on it that an actual set of bots may as well be singing. To each their own, but unless it’s specifically some sort of electronica, anything where you can’t hear the vocals relatively cleanly is an automatic no from me.

      • Looks like it’s in the shape of their logo as well, personally I think it’s some pretty solid design, the seven fries representing the seven members make it just that bit better as well, it’s neat, clean and certainly stands out with that purple gradient. The only weird thing for such a large global cross promo campaign is that it’s not more prominent on the maccas site.

        It looks like a pretty direct collaboration with them (they have maccas merch as well) and a quick google will show up a heap of marketing images of them with the meal so I would assume they do have permission but probably wanted to keep the design simple and clean for the in-store marketing and use the marketing images for external sources like news stories. Being a graphic designer it’s pretty much how I would roll it out as well.

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