Facebook Is Trialling Ads On The Oculus Quest

Facebook Is Trialling Ads On The Oculus Quest
Image: Oculus Quest

Facebook will begin testing ads in its popular Oculus Quest system, bringing advertising into the VR age.

The trial will begin being rolled out in the coming weeks, with ads being tested first in Blaston and two other apps that are yet to be named.

Facebook VP of Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth took to Twitter to announce the news, asserting that it’s. way to “help developers generate revenue.”

Pending user feedback from the initial trial, Facebook hopes to expand the system to build a “self-sustaining platform” for advertising within the VR realm.

“This is a key part of ensuring we’re creating a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of business models that unlock new types of content and audiences. It also helps us continue to make innovative AR/VR hardware more accessible to more people,” Oculus said in a blog post.

“Once we see how this test goes and incorporate feedback from developers and the community, we’ll provide more details on when ads may become more broadly available across the Oculus platform and in the Oculus mobile app.”

However, it’s worth noting that Facebook reportedly doesn’t plan on using your audio data, movement or sensitive personal data relating to your weight and height to target advertisements.

The ads will work similarly to the ads you already see on Facebook, using data from your profile.

It will also clock information regarding “…whether you’ve viewed content, installed, activated, or subscribed to a Oculus app, added an app to your cart or wishlist, if you’ve initiated checkout or purchased an app on the Oculus platform, and lastly, whether you’ve viewed, hovered, saved, or clicked on an ad within a third-party app,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge.

When it comes to revenue, VR developers will get a share of the money raised from these ads, but an exact percentage remains unknown.

The move comes just a month after Facebook rolled out ads within the Oculus mobile app, but this is the first time advertising has been implemented into the actual VR headset technology.

The integration of ads into the Oculus Quest VR system is hardly surprising though. Since Facebook’s acquisition of the brand back in 2014, the company has continually taken steps to merge the two entities closer and closer together.



  • Since the Occulus is tied to your Facebook account, enjoy the targetted advertising… quite literally “In your face”

    The “self-sustaining” line is odd, cause Occulus can’t be self-sustaining while their parent company is poking your code and business model.

    To be self-sustaining they have to remove Facebook accounts, people are refusing to buy it for that reason, and they now risk alienating more user with this move, proving the people who refuse to buy it right.

  • Heh. I’ll admit, this took longer than I was expecting it too, after Facebook bought the company. Everyone knew this was where they were going, and no amount of spin is going to be able to hide the fact that this is a predictably awful, awful thing for consumers.

  • Facebook being a requirement is the main reason I did not get a quest 2. Before you know it they will be using all the audio, height and weight information to target ads at you. All they need to do is update the end user licensing agreement when everyone is heavily invested into the platform to do it. If you don’t agree to the terms, no more quest for you and bye bye to all the games you bought.

  • The worst part is that the guy who couldn’t think of anything better than ‘just do that shitty thing we do everywhere else that consistently sends the bar for quality hurtling into the ground’ gets paid the big bucks. We’ve got this fresh new marketplace where innovation isn’t hindered by the status quo, let’s do those things that users increasingly find ways to block and just generally tune out!

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