Facebook Continues Its Bullshit With Oculus Accounts

Facebook Continues Its Bullshit With Oculus Accounts
Image: Facebook
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In case you weren’t uneasy enough about having to create Facebook accounts just to use a virtual reality headset, you should know that in some circumstances deleting a linked Facebook account will then remove your access to any Oculus purchases you have made.

As Upload VR report, for now, owners of older Oculus headsets — currently existing just fine with Oculus account — have until 2023 before new rules kick in that mandate a Facebook account for all of the company’s VR hardware, not just future headsets. When that rule change takes place any older, long-time Oculus users who have chosen to link their Oculus account to their Facebook account, then try and delete the latter, will be met with this warning:

Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information.

This includes your app purchases and achievements. You will no longer be able to return any apps and will lose any existing store credits.

That sucks! Now combine this knowledge with the words spoken by Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Facebook last week, when he said “I think people should continue to make sure their Facebook accounts are in good standing before they buy the headset. They can work through those problems before they do it.”

What the fuck should a Facebook account’s standing have to do with anyone’s use of a virtual reality headset in video games? And why should video games I buy to play be tied to a social media account, to the point where deleting the former — increasingly a good and safe idea for everyone on the planet — also removes the latter?

I mean, I know the answer — the only reason Facebook bought Oculus in the first place was to tie it into the platform’s obsession with data and advertising — but it still boggles the mind how these enormous companies, used to throwing their weight around in other tech spaces, keep getting video games so wrong.

This loss of content would apply to users who have linked their Oculus and Facebook accounts, and then moved exclusively over to a Facebook account. As for those who currently only have an Oculus account, and in 2023 don’t want a Facebook account, the company told Upload VR “We’ll update existing users who choose not to log in with a Facebook account as we get closer to ending support for Oculus accounts in 2023.”


  • I was thinking about getting a Quest 2 until I found out Facebook is forcing their agenda and integration… tying purchases to a social media account is anti-consumer, invasive, and messed up.

    Its been less than a month, and this fiasco proved my worse fears true. Its a fiasco and Occulus executives should grow a pair and tell Facebook to keep them seperate entities.

    I am not buying one now.

  • I was interested in this a while back, then I’d heard about all this shit.

    As someone who has never had a Facebook account this stuff makes me sad.

    Who in the fuck is suddenly going to join Facebook after not wanting to all this time.

    Oh well I hope Sony kick the next PS VR headset up a few notches!!

  • My folks bought a Oculus Quest 2, and they (surprisingly) aren’t on facebook, but were willing to setup an account.
    They setup an account on their ageing desktop machine, went to set the oculus up, and the setup requires a smartphone, (which they don’t have) with the facbook/oculus app installed. It doesn’t say this anywhere on the packaging.
    They boxed it back up and put it on Gumtree.

    It is one thing to have to have an Apple_Id or a google account or an email address to use or setup an Android or Apple phone, but to have to have an active Facebook account, *and* a facebook app on a phone to be able to use a *standalone* VR headset, it ridiculous. The ACCC should look into this, it’s nuts.

  • So if you post something Facebook doesn’t like, and they ban your account, you lose all your purchases and games and can’t use the headset?

    • Yes.
      They can also ban you for no reason.

      Their bots have been banning new quest users cause of login and new account creation conflict. Turns out having a new account with no posts and tying it to a store is auto-banning.

      • Wait wait wait,
        So I’m not on Facebook, and never have been. If I go buy an Oculus Quest 2, and create the mandatory Facebook account to use it, then go to the FB store to buy a game for it, they ban my account?? How on earth does a new user set one up then??

    • more like their arm!

      In saying that I have a Q2, but I did want to cancel my order.

      I have yet to really put much time into using it as waiting on new wifi6 router to turn up, I do Virtual-Desktop PCVR stuff, not into Quest software except sidequest stuff.

      I feel I’ll be selling this thing in 6months time!

  • Its quite surprising a anti consumer lawsuit hasn’t appeared already… Especially in Australia. This is something the government could get a pay-cheque on fining facebook for!

  • I’ve ordered a Quest 2 and I’m not happy at having it linked to facebook, so if I can set it up without doing any FB integration initially I’ll be happy – I’ll just disable wireless comms to the VR headset and run sideloaded pirated games – fuck facebook.

    Or hopefully someone will root the android O/S it runs under and there will be a way to disable al telemetry apart from essentials to the oculus store.

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