Let’s Check Out Unpacking, Terra Nil And Other Steam Next Fest Demos

Let’s Check Out Unpacking, Terra Nil And Other Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: Unpacking / Witch Beam Studios

Steam Next Fest has kicked off with aplomb this year and if you haven’t check out any of the wonderful game demos available, now’s your chance. There’s over 700 massive games available to try throughout the coming week and plenty of incredible-looking adventures to entice you. We’re taking a few of them for a test run over on the Kotaku Australia Twitch this afternoon, and we’d love for you to join us for a look at the most exciting upcoming games around.

We’ll kick off with a look at Unpackinga brilliantly zen game from Aussie studio Witch Beam, dive into “reverse city builder” Terra Nil and even dip our toes into the calm waters of Toemwhich looks like a very cutesy photography sim. Then if there’s time, we’ll also check out other gems like park sim Let’s Build A Zoo and surreal RPG Death Trash.

All of them are very intriguing titles featured in this year’s Steam Next Fest and their demos look like a bunch of fun.

We’ll be running through them live on stream this afternoon, from 2:30pm AEST on Twitch. If you missed the livestream, the full video with all the demos can be viewed below!

As always, you can also join our local Discord if you want to hang out during the week.

Alex, Lavender and I are usually hanging around the server so if you ever have any questions, want us to investigate some juicy gaming gossip or just want to meet some new gaming friends, you can join at the link below.

I promise we don’t bite!

We’d love to see you join us this afternoon for a look at the latest Steam Next Fest demos from 2:30 p.m. AEST on the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel. Once we wrap, we’ll also embed the video in this post so you can see what we ran through.

There’s plenty of incredible gems available during the festival, and you might even find your next favourite game. See you soon!


  • I really wish Steam’s ‘demo festivals’ were longer, so I had more time to play more demos. Still, it’s great fun to free up some space and install all the promising ones just in case they stay active past the festival dates. (MANY of them do, based on previous festivals.)

    I tried Wartales this morning, and man it’s brutal. Like really, really brutal. Every single fight cost me at least 1-2 party members. I got gold from those fights to replace those party members, and it sure is handy to lose half your party when you’re due to pay their wages, but you definitely don’t want to get attached to anyone. I think it’s probably tuned way too hard. One of those cases of developers who know the thing inside out and back to front scaling the difficulty to give themselves an enjoyable challenge and utterly fucking annihilate beginners repeatedly. Kinda like Darkest Dungeon, catering to its early access veterans and alienating newcomers. It’s kind of a turn-off. If I do end up playing any more of it, I’m going to cheat, and cheat hard, and I won’t feel even slightly guilty about it.

    Next thing I’m going to try is probably Death Trash. The trailer for that was super exciting.

    I played the demo of Unpacking already, and that’s a guaranteed purchase for me, from the demo. It’s such a novel method of doing low-key forensic storytelling, with a really nostalgic vibe. I remember being in similar moving/living positions the unseen protagonist was in, and you learn so much about them from their possessions – especially what they choose to keep with them through each move. Just really touching stuff.

    Hope Alex is getting to take some time off, E3 weekend must’ve been brutal.

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