The Most Viewed Twitch Hot Tub Stream Yet Is Also The Most Cursed

The Most Viewed Twitch Hot Tub Stream Yet Is Also The Most Cursed
Image: GeorgeNotFound / Twitch

At this point, there are more parody hot tub streams on Twitch than actual hot tub streams — so much so that one now holds the distinction of being the most viewed hot tub stream of all time. Credit where credit’s due, though: Minecraft megastar George “GeorgeNotFound’’ Davidson at least went out of his way to make his take on tub boy summer as viscerally upsetting as possible.

Yesterday evening, Davidson went live with what he called an “EPIC HOT TUB STREAM.” At its peak, the bizarre spectacle managed to pull in almost 400,000 concurrent viewers, obliterating a record of over 100,000 previously held by Imane “Pokimane” Anys and the rest of the immensely popular OfflineTV streamer cohort — themselves also not actually hot tub streamers. For comparison’s sake, the biggest streamer who regularly participates in the hot tub meta, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, generally peaks at around 20,000 concurrent viewers with her hot tub streams.

Davidson’s tub was somehow a step down from the relatively inexpensive inflatable tubs that have come to characterise the meta, composed of a PVC pipe scaffolding and a body that looked like the inside of a discarded air mattress. It was also indoors, sitting atop a thin patch of plastic covering a carpet. As it filled with water coming from a thin tube that seemed to be attached to a sink in another room, Davidson set up a prize wheel with stunts like “egg on head,” “eyebrow slit,” and “outfit change” — the latter a reference to some actual hot tub streamers who regularly go off-screen and change swimsuits during their broadcasts.

After bantering (via a call) with friends like fellow Twitch and YouTube star Quackity, Davidson finally slipped into the tub. Fully clothed. With his socks on. It hurt to watch, but he had an almost-reasonable justification for it.

“Yeah I’m getting in with socks,” Davidson said, “because you know how the internet is, Quackity, with sockless feet.”

Shortly after getting in, Davidson spun the wheel and landed on “outfit change,” meaning he immediately had to get out. When he returned, he was wearing a taco cat swimsuit over his damp sweats and socks. Subsequent wheel spins forced him to wet his hair and drink some of the tub water.

Eventually, Davidson got to the main event of his dip in the hot tub meta’s shallow waters: a product announcement. In front of hundreds of thousands of confused but amused viewers, he debuted a new merch store, which included hoodies, wristbands, and stickers. The latter came in handy when it became apparent that his extremely jank hot tub was leaking; he slapped a sticker on its inside lining, and it maybe slowed the leak. Or it did nothing.

Davidson continued to stream after debuting the merch, with the prize wheel forcing him to make a truly painful prank call to fellow Minecraft star TommyInnit, in which he took things in the “too real” direction of chastising his fellow Dream SMP roleplay server member for phoning it in on the lore front.

Another outfit change, however, took the broadcast down a truly deranged path. Davidson returned not with new clothes, but instead a handful of Coca-Cola cans. One by one, he cracked them open. Then he picked them all up at once and poured them into the tub. The resulting mixture of stale bathwater, human sweat, Coke, and Diet Coke looked like something you’d find in a moldy mop bucket.

“Drink the water now,” said another streamer on a call with Davidson.

He did not do that, but he did realise that he’d created a pretty serious dilemma for himself.

“Wait,” said Davidson, “it’s leaking still.”

But the show went on. After waffling about what to do next, Davidson settled on eggs. He cracked several on his head, with the yolks quickly making their way into the Coke-tainted bathwater.

Not long after, he concluded the stream, because his body and mind had begun to fail him.

“Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this stream,” he said. “I can just smell egg, and this is disgusting…I feel, like, sick. I think the bathwater has made me sick. But yeah, guys, go check out the merch.”


  • I have never seen or are interested in seeing a single one of these streams.

    However, I’m just a tad sad these no much variety in these so far. I was hoping to read about twitch streams in all different types of bathtubs by now e.g. jacuzzis, insensitive, sauna rooms, shower cubicles? Middle of a stream?

    Where’s the innovation ppls? ^_^

    • Oh, I dunno. I watched a couple that were done for charity by some Irish lads that turned out pretty interesting.

      RT Game did one in his bathtub in his signature full suit, and CallMeKevin (sporting a near scuba suit) set up an inflatable pool and had some really nifty gimmicks set up. Kevin rigged up some high-powered fans outside the green screen and had Alexa on standby to flick the switch to simulate a tropical storm, to start at one donation milestone and end at another. Between diving in the pool for donor giveaways (generously provided by a variety of publishers), changing backgrounds, experimenting with different kinds of bath bombs, bubble-bath foam scupting, and creating on-the-spot colllectibles by way of inflatable pool banana with top donor names written on it, the lads found plenty of ways to keep their charity streams pretty interesting.

      Kevin’s was kind of hilarious in that he’d clearly spent a few days setting up activities to be performed at various milestones, but he’d underestimated the donors, and they blew past his first literally dozen milestones while he was explaining the concept and struggling to get everything in place.

      One trick to boost foreseen flagging donation numbers was to build up hype for pulling a cord over his head to reveal something that he expected to have spent an hour making references to, building up suspense. (It unleashed a torrent of rubber duckies to flood the pool, each with a game key giveaway laminated on to it.) The donors smashed his milestone requirement for that inside a couple minutes. I think by the end of the couple hours, he ended up with some 45k Euros compared to the target goal of 10K, which meant there was some improvisation required, which included taking a vote on the knife-stabbing murder of an inflatable doll named Bob that he had in the pool with him.

      I like that a meta inspired by pure thirst has been subverted somewhat for more noble purposes.

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