Twitch’s New ‘Ear Lick Meta’ Blows Up, Bans Ensue

Twitch’s New ‘Ear Lick Meta’ Blows Up, Bans Ensue

Hot Tub Meta? Please, that’s so early 2021. Nowadays, the hot thing on Twitch are ASMR audio streams that approximate a level of intimacy some might consider a little too sexual. And those who have tested the limits of what auditory content is allowed on the platform have already received the ban hammer in response.

Perpetual Twitch provocateur Amouranth, along with model indiefoxxlive, have been temporarily taken off the livestreaming service following some delightfully bizarre video clips going viral on social media. While Twitch never comments on bans, the timing coincides with the proliferation of a clip in which Amouranth wears a horse mask. Neighing, the controversial Twitch streamer sometimes takes the entire mic into her mouth to make slurping sounds.

Similarly, if you click on Twitch’s “ASMR” tag at the moment, the most popular streamer is a woman whispering with the occasional wet sound thrown in. The community has taken to calling such shticks “ear lick streams,” as that is basically what these broadcasts sound like.

In a statement to Polygon, indiefoxxlive said that the ban was indeed due to sexual content. Prior to the disciplinary action, the streamer had shown herself doing a variety of yoga poses along with “ear lick” ASMR.

For onlookers, this might seem like another ploy for attention, particularly now that hot tub streams and their bikini-clad hosts aren’t novel anymore. But Amouranth claims that her hot tub streams were doing fine once advertisements were reinstated. And, she notes, she’s been doing ASMR streams all along — she’s not pivoting to a new type of content. Actually, she’s arguing that the main reason folks are paying attention to ASMR the category on Twitch right now is because of the time she’s put into it.

The general idea predates Twitch, of course, but it’s certainly true that Amouranth is savvy enough to command attention wherever she goes. Whether or not viewers approve of her methods is beyond the point. Twitch’s Community Guidelines have multiple pages dedicated to sexually suggestive content on the site, but the general gist is that it’s not allowed on the platform.

“Evaluations on the sexual suggestiveness of a behaviour or activity are independent of user attire and are instead based on the overall surrounding framing and context,” the rules read. “This policy also applies to embedded media, augmented reality, creative broadcasts, and channel content — such as banners, profile images, emotes, and panels — that are focused on provocative images or video.”

The code goes on to list potential types of offending content, such as prohibiting anything that simulates sex acts. Theoretically, ear-lick ASMR could violate any number of these guidelines, but as always, Twitch is the judge and jury. The Amazon-owned company previously created a category just for hot tub streams, as some viewers complained that the suggestive broadcasts were taking away attention for other folks in the “Just Chatting” category.

Auditory ASMR, however, already has its own tag on Twitch, not to be confused with visual ASMR, which also has its own URL. Whether or not Twitch decides to stratify this content further to account for the more adult iterations of it remains to be seen.


  • Whatever … Twitch will give them their own Ear porn category then they’ll hijack someother category with new ways to push the boundaries and part simps from their dollars. They’ll probably go onto the food category and create eggplant licking streams or something.

  • At some point, you got to ask, “why not just watch porn? it’s not like that’s hard to find on the internet….”

    • non of this or twitch in general interests me outside of watching a few clips from borderlands streams certain people upload to youtube. but id be quite interested in a demographics breakdown of not only who is watching these streams, but who is donating money to the streamers.
      are the 13-15yr olds (or younger) making up most of the viewers? are simps really giving all their income to keep the thots in business? someone needs to do the research.

    • or it could be if you think it is such a fine line, maybe, just maybe, that is from your personal shortcomings in what you consider er um enticing.

  • Twitch is not Chaturbate. Twitch should not become Chaturbate.

    Amouranth and Indiefoxx should go to chaturbate.

    • Why? Because you take what they do is somehow too much for your sensibilities? Dont like it, maybe dont click their page.

      • dont shit where you eat. i know you struggle with comprehension, but surely even you can understand that things belong in certain places.
        13+ friendly content here… adult content there. its not rocket science.

      • Twitch is a 13+ site.

        Sorry if i don’t want the focus of the site to be porn lite. Obviously, you want to show as much porn as possible to kids.

        • Then adults should exercise better parental control. Given the amount of mature age content, in terms of games, language, and the like, twitch is full of way worse things, especially in terms of money. Sure twitch should actually add some form of controls to help but it doesn’t change the fact just because you think something is porn, that doesn’t make it actually porn.

          • “just because you think something is porn, that doesn’t make it actually porn.”
            what they are doing is the literal definition of softcore pornography.

  • They really just need to pick a lane. Either reinforce the current policy and apply it consistently or get it over with and make a dedicated porn section.

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