Among Us Adds A New Language: Irish

Among Us Adds A New Language: Irish
Among Us

Everyone’s favourite lockdown game Among Us has officially launched a new translation: Irish.

Following the wild success of a mod that translated the game into the Irish language Gaelige, the team behind Among Us have officially released their own version.

The project involved four developers, with Úna-Minh Kavanagh taking the lead alongside Brian C. Mac Giolla Mhuire, Cormac Cinnsealach and Mike Drinkwater.

Basically, Kavanagh was approached by the consulting firm that represents Among Us off the back of a tweet calling for the game to be translated into Irish.

“I was approached by Callum from Robot Teddy, the consulting firm supporting Innersloth (who developed Among Us) after I made a statement on Twitter asking for Irish to become an official part of the game and with the enthusiastic support we got from him, our team got set up with NDAs and began work on the translation,” Kavanagh told the Irish Mirror.

Interestingly, the team had already developed the Irish language version before they got the go ahead from Innersloth (developers of Among Us) because they were so keen to see it brought to life.

If you’re wondering why there was such a push for a specifically Irish version of the game, it’s because the language is largely ignored in media and technology, despite a growing population.

“Irish is a language with a large and growing minority, but it’s ignored in current affairs, especially in the case of technology and modern media,” Cormac said.

“The translation of Among Us is the first significant translation ever made in Irish for a very popular game. It is a cultural victory for the Irish community.”

A massive five months worth of work went into the project, which is no small feat. But the team says although they’ve worked tirelessly to make the translation as authentic as possible, they’re still open to corrections.

“We are so grateful to Robot Teddy and Innersloth for giving us this opportunity to showcase Irish to the world,” said Úna-Minh.

“And while we have put our heart and souls into this, we, of course, are open to corrections as well.”

Among Us is now available in 12 different languages included Korean, Portuguese and now Gaelige – the official language of the Irish.

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