How To Fix That Annoying Cursor Bug In Microsoft Flight Simulator

How To Fix That Annoying Cursor Bug In Microsoft Flight Simulator
Image: Kotaku Australia

Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally out on consoles, but Xbox users are running into an incredibly frustrating problem: the cursor doesn’t actually work.

It’s not completely known what the root cause of the problem is yet, although some users have speculated it’s related to the Xbox port’s native mouse and keyboard support. Either way, the problem has left users unable to navigate through the game’s menus properly, preventing them from playing Flight Simulator at all.

It’s a known bug that’s affecting people trying to play Flight Simulator on Xbox and PC, unfortunately. And according to the official Asobo Studio FAQ, it’s a known problem. Fortunately, the developers have posted a workaround for anyone who just wants to actually fly.

How to fix the locked cursor/unresponsive menu bug in Microsoft Flight Simulator

flight simulator cursor
The cursor bug means users are able to switch between menu tabs, but not able to select or navigate towards any of the individual menu cards. Image: Kotaku Australia

Asobo says any Flight Simulator users affected should restart the game and plug a USB mouse into their PC or console:

Unable to navigate through some of the menus due to freezing or the cursor jumps around and does not interact with menu elements.

Workaround: Stop or pause any downloading content, restarting the game, connecting a USB mouse, and even opening the Xbox Guide and closing it again.

Any USB mouse, whether it’s wired or wireless, should do the trick. (If you’re playing on Xbox, a wired mouse is your best bet as driver support is much less likely to be available for wireless mice on consoles at this stage.)

It’s one of a string of issues facing Flight Simulator pilots right now. Other annoying bugs in the latest build include a known crash when AI traffic is present, the game randomly crashing after a peripheral is connected or disconnected (and there’s no workaround for that), the game crashing if you fly for longer than two hours, textures not properly rendering if you’re flying around the North and South poles (the solution: fly somewhere else), and downloads restarting.

For all of these glorious problems, there’s some workarounds listed on the official support page here. For those on PC, there’s also a separate page for anyone who has issues with super-long loading times at the start, including a list of applications Asobo recommends closing.

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