Every ZeniMax IP Microsoft Should Bring Back From The Dead

Every ZeniMax IP Microsoft Should Bring Back From The Dead
Image: Bethesda/Microsoft

In the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, there’s a lot of big questions. The potential for console exclusive games is very real, as is investment in brand new and returning video game franchises. While we don’t have all the answers about the impact of the acquisition and what this means for future next gen releases, it does bode well for the future of all ZeniMax properties. Microsoft is a massive company with a net worth of $1 trillion as of 2019. It also has over 23 game studios in its portfolio and a major stake in the next generation of gaming.

Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax for $US7.5 ($10) billion shows just how much value it places in video games and it’s logical to think this investment could blossom into new or returning IPs for Bethesda, Arkane, id Software and their companion studios. If Microsoft were to invest in their new portfolio, these are the franchises we’d love to see make a grand return.

Commander Keen

commander keen zenimaxCommander Keen is a classic platforming franchise starring Billy Blaze, an eight-year-old boy with a big imagination. In his adventures, he takes on aliens, strange worlds and galatic threats all while being the coolest boy in the galaxy. The first game in the series was developed in 1990 by id Software and spawned several fun sequels, all following the adventures of Blaze in his ‘Commander Keen’ persona.

At E3 2019, a shiny new trailer for a Commander Keen reboot debuted, but it’s fair to say people weren’t happy. The title was set to be a mobile release following the children of Billy Blaze and featured strategy elements fans were unhappy with. While it was scheduled for released in winter 2019, nothing else has been heard of the game and it’s assumed to either be cancelled or in the process of a rework.

Commander Keen is a childhood favourite of many and it’d be great to see Microsoft resurrect the IP in a new format. Whether that’s a reworked version of the Commander Keen reboot announced in 2019 or something new, we’d love to see Keen return.

Fallout: New Vegas 2

fallout new vegas gameFallout: New Vegas is frequently labelled the best of the Fallout series, and for good reason. With intriguing characters, deep mysteries and excellent writing, the Fallout franchise has never been better. Importantly, this 2010 Fallout spin-off was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a company already owned by Microsoft. Current Fallout IP owners Bethesda are now under the same roof as Obsidian, so there’s potential a sequel could get underway if interest existed.

While the Fallout franchise has branched off in a different directions over the years (with near-universal rejection of their Fallout 76-shaped foray into online gaming) there’s still a lot of potential in the New Vegas setting. The Mojave Wasteland has secrets left to share and it would be fantastic to revisit this locale in the future.

Quake 5

quake rebootQuake is in a weird place at the moment. Rather than developing a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Quake 4, id Software largely abandoned the franchise in the mid-2000s. A semi-resurrection came about in the form of free online multiplayer game Quake Champions in 2017, but it failed to pick up much of a solid fanbase and was bogged down by the ‘Overwatch clone’ era.

The Quake franchise has always excelled as a weird, grimdark adventure inspired by deep space sci-fi. Quake Champions felt too much like a way to package it in more friendly and accessible way. (A strategy which can totally work for some franchises!) Returning to Quake‘s roots with a fullblown sequel would put the franchise back on the map. Heck, even a remaster of the originals would go down well. It’s time to bring back Quake. Make it happen, Microsoft.


lmno game microsoftLMNO is one of gaming’s worst cases of unrealised potential. This action game was in development at Arkane Studios in partnership with EA and Steven Spielberg. It was set to follow an alien creature named Eve as she broke out of a government facility and entered a wide open world filled with action platforming, parkour and adventure. The combat was described as puzzle-heavy and would’ve focused on emotion and character choice, as well exploring the nature of existence. LMNO was mostly exciting for the involvement of Spielberg and anticipation built for the game until its public cancellation in 2010. LMNO looked like an intriguing adventure, and one with a lot of storytelling potential.

While Microsoft hasn’t acquired EA (yet) they do have a solid working relationship with all EA Play games finding their way to Xbox Game Pass earlier this year. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine Microsoft investing in a game with this much intrigue behind it.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

castle wolfenstein game zenimax

In 2014, MachineGames rebooted Wolfenstein to rapturous applause. Wolfenstein: The New Order is an incredible game (and was followed by an incredible sequel) but it opted for a realistic approach to the strange world of the franchise. While Wolfenstein is largely about killing Nazis, a larger part of the classic games are all about magic, monsters and mayhem. The original Wolfenstein games were totally wild and often spotlighted magic zombies and wizards over political commentary or realism.

The Wolfenstein: The Old Blood spin-off dipped its toes into the wilds of Wolfensteins past with a tale of ancient zombies and golems, but it would be fantastic to see what a next gen balls-to-the-wall fantasy Wolfenstein would look like. Everybody loves killing Nazis, but it’s even better when they’re Nazi zombies. Bring on the chaos.

Which defunct ZeniMax franchise would you like to see make a grand return under Microsoft’s watchful eye? Were you really excited for the Commander Keen reboot? Tell us about it in the comments below.


  • Fallout 1 and 2 remasters. Nothing over the top, just some nice upres-ed ports. Also, Prey is massively underrated, don’t let it die!

  • We already got a Commander Keen remake. It was called DOOM and DOOM Eternal. ^_-

    For those that don’t get the somewhat obscure joke, in the original id timeline, BJ Blascowicz is Commander Keen’s (aka Billy Blaze, his father wanted a more showbiz surname than Blascowicz) grandfather while Commander Keen is Doom Guy/Doom Slayer’s father. (Or great, great grandfather… I’ve seen both) So technically DOOM is the new Commander Keen game.

  • Dishonored.

    Arkane said they were not working on the IP anytime soon after completing Desth of the Outsider, and it sounded rather ominous by the way Bethesda commands their studios with them working on Prey, Prey Mooncrash and Death Loop since then.

  • As someone who doesnt hold New Vegas that high, I dont really want a sequel to that game, thats not to say i dont want them(Obsidian) to do another Fallout game.
    Ive personally thought going north and doing something in Pacific northwest(where Fallout Extreme was going to be set) would be killer.

  • Commander Keen was a fantastic game for its’ time due to the graphical innovations by John Carmack. Same with Wolfenstein. Same with Doom & Quake. I spent a lot of hours playing Dangerous Dave (more Carmack) and think it would be interesting to see some of those old properties revived… but without Carmack’s innovations would they really be any good? There’s always the risk that you end up with an abomination such as Magna Cum Laud was to the original Leisure Suit Larry.

  • I would die and go to heaven if they did a Quake Remaster, or Heretic / Hexen FPS Reboot.

    I loved Heretic, but I felt Heretic 2 was ruined by going 3rd person platformer.

  • I enjoyed id’s Rescue Rover and its sequel when I was growing up. It was released back when id games were being published through Softdisk, so I’ve got no idea who owned the copyright/trademarks.

    A sequel to Quake 1 would be nice, or possibly a remake. It was more Lovecraft horror than sci-fi.

  • It’d be interesting to see Keen given the Doom 2016 treatment – simmer it down to its purest essence and then build a new game around that that is at once extremely modern but still feels like the original.

  • Quake 5
    Arguably there is also the enemy territory franchise (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars)
    Quake or Wolfenstein, a new ET game would be best. Technically, they could even do an Enemy Territory: Doom as well.

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