Power Rangers Restaurant Opens In Japan

Power Rangers Restaurant Opens In Japan

Your dreams eating curry in a restaurant filled with Power Rangers merch and memorabilia are now a reality. Behold, the Super Sentai Restaurant.

In Japan, Power Rangers is known as Super Sentai. The franchise, with its colour-coded masked heroes, debuted in the early 1970s. It became a cultural touchstone in Japan, where its influence can be felt in super hero manga and anime. (For example, the original idea for Sailor Moon was Super Sentai meets schoolgirls.)

During the early 1990s, Super Sentai was localised for the US as the Power Rangers. The show used Toei’s original tokusatsu footage, but replaced the out-of-suit actors with American talent. It too became a smash hit.

The first Red Ranger suit.  (Screenshot: Magi Digi)
The first Red Ranger suit. (Screenshot: Magi Digi)

The newly opened Super Sentai Restaurant is jam-packed with figurines, photos, and even has the first Red Ranger suit on display. It’s the perfect place to take in Japan’s superhero legacy as you eat spoonful after spoonful of Japanese curry.

As Mai Digi (via Otakomu and SoraNews) reports, the restaurant serves up an array of dishes, but is zeroing in on curry rice. Why? Because curry rice is effing delicious. Also, because in the first season of the original Japanese series, the Yellow Ranger loved the dish, and ever since then Super Sentai has had a strong connection with the food. A common misconception is that all Yellow Rangers love curry rice, but this isn’t true, as their favourite eats vary from ranger to ranger!

You can also order takoyaki, cake, and ice cream floats.  (Screenshot: Magi Digi)
You can also order takoyaki, cake, and ice cream floats. (Screenshot: Magi Digi)

The restaurant isn’t limited to Japanese curry, but the rotating curry rice menu is the main culinary draw, recreating dishes from past Super Sentai episodes. So, as SoraNews notes, there are Kirenger’s Favourite Large Curry, a recreation of Yellow Ranger Daita Oiwa’s beloved curry, Dino Curry Original Curry, which was served up in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, aka Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and Shinkenger Gold Curry from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Power Rangers Samurai).

Diners get to take memories of their Power Rangers meal home with a free placemat and a magnet.

Super Sentai Restaurant opened on July 22.

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