Ex-Faze Clan Member Says He’s Paying Back Scammed Fans

Ex-Faze Clan Member Says He’s Paying Back Scammed Fans
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In June, members of popular gaming group FaZe Clan found themselves in hot water due to their involvement with an apparent pump and dump scheme involving a charity-based cryptocurrency known as SaveTheKids. This led FaZe to suspend several members and boot one, a content creator known as Kay, out of the group entirely. Now, he’s ready to set the record straight and pay everyone back.

Frazier “Kay” Khattri spent much of the last month out of the spotlight following his expulsion from FaZe Clan. But in his latest video, titled “What Really Happened With SaveTheKids,” Kay lays much of the blame for the scheme at the feet of his partner, infamous internet personality Sam Pepper, claiming that his own ignorance of the cryptocurrency space allowed him and his fanbase to be taken advantage of.

“I’ve been having to bite my tongue for this whole month while we collect all the evidence,” Kay explains during the opening of his video. “I would never in a million years, on purpose or intentionally, try to harm, take advantage, or scam anybody. I am no crypto mastermind, alright? I’m literally a content creator, and I trusted the wrong people. And it’s led to this disaster that I’m in.”

Kay apologises profusely and maintains his innocence throughout the video’s nearly half-hour-long runtime, asserting that no one involved with SaveTheKids made any profit from the cryptocurrency, except for Pepper. He also provides a screenshot of an alleged transaction that, he claims, shows the money that was set aside for Binance Lunch for Children eventually reached the crypto-based charity, which provides meals for schoolchildren in Uganda. These donations were supposed to be the entire reason for creating the SaveTheKids coin in the first place.

At the end of the video, Kay also provides a dedicated email address for those who bought into the SaveTheKids cryptocurrency where they can contact him for reimbursement. He also says he plans to donate the ad revenue made from the video along with whatever crypto he has left.

“I’ve spent 10 years in this space and never been involved in any kind of drama,” Kay says in the closing of his video. “I think that anyone that knows me knows that this is not a reflection of the person that I am. I lost a lot from this. This experience has been the biggest regret and reset of my entire life, and I want you to know that I’m gonna be completely changing my lifestyle moving forward.”


  • Well, if he’s for real, then good on him. Hopefully he learns a good lesson from it and does his homework next time. It sucks being taken advantage of, good to see he’s trying to make things right 🙂 Best of luck.

    • He wasn’t taken advantage of lol, He has a history of pumping and dumping shitcoins. Watch Coffeezilla’s videos on him.

      • Don’t know, don’t care. Internet drama doesn’t really interest me anymore at all, in any real capacity, nor do videos like that deconstructing it. If people get money back somehow, then cool.

  • Ah yes, He investigated himself and found himself innocent. How fortunate for him. It’s not like he has a history of pumping and dumping shit coins. OH WAIT HE DOES.

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