We Finally Know SOMETHING About The New Super Mario Bros. Movie

We Finally Know SOMETHING About The New Super Mario Bros. Movie

It’s been almost four years since a new Mario Bros. movie was announced, and in that time we’ve learned almost nothing about it other than the fact it’s being made by the same team behind the Minions movies and that it’s going to be animated.

Today, though, we have something. It’s not much, but given the fact it’s something, that’s something! During a two-hour interview with Bert Kreischer, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is asked what he’s up to for the rest of his day, when he casually drops the fact he’s off to do some work on the Mario movie, in which he’s playing the role of Spike, “their boss”.

If the character name doesn’t sound instantly familiar, that’s because it’s quite the deep cut. Spike, aka Foreman Spike, is from Wrecking Crew, a game released on the Famicom/NES in 1985, where he’s Mario and Luigi’s boss as they work to demolish a building site as fast as they can.

Of course this tells us almost nothing about the movie other than those bare facts, but hey, anyone looking to speculate could be heartened by the fact they’ve dug as far back as Wrecking Crew for inspiration!


  • Well obviously the plot is going to be something like this:
    Mario and Luigi work as a wrecking crew. One day they hear about a bunch of hotels owned by King Koopa, an evil corporate magnate who gets everything he sets his eyes on, especially a young kart racer called Peach, aka the Princess of the Raceway. To get people to rent rooms in his new chain of floating hotels, Bowser comes up with a scheme to steal all the hairdryers of the world so he can melt the polar caps, raising the water level of the world to flood everything else.

    By this time, Mario and Peach have started dating but Bowser in his jealousy and greed kidnaps her. Obviously Mario doesn’t appreciate this and goes to rescue her but gets kidnapped himself. Luigi then sets out to rescue his brother, travelling around the whole world and engaging the Koopalings in furious typing battles in order to take over their hotels.

    When Luigi finally reaches Bowser’s Castle hotel, they engage in a series of contests decided by the roll of a dice during the Party at the End of the World. Mario wins, gets Peach and after the credits roll, Luigi hears about a haunted mansion.

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